Compatibility between Cancer And Scorpio


Little Bit About Cancer And Scorpio


The element for both Cancer and Scorpio is water, so both mix each other very well. Both when form an alliance is totally serious with each other. Both create an atmosphere that is full of passion and solace. A Scorpion lady has a persona of her own, which proves to be a magnet to the outside world. She is so beautiful that she can make the heads turn towards her. She is a true seductress. She can provide all the affection and security to a Cancer man if he lives with her. She has an elegant style and feels jealous only when her lover is surrounded by some other females. Then doubt starts creeping in her mind.


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Cancer man has solid sense of humor, is intelligent and emotional to the core, when in love. He makes others laugh and can even laughs at himself, that’s his nature. He doesn’t need to prove anybody that he is fun as a lover who can think rationally when times are bad. He earns and saves money and doesn’t spend lavishly. His negative thinking can be depressing some time, but he is alert enough not to let the situation gets out of his hands, before resolving it.

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Love Compatibility


A Scorpio lady can either be his friend or enemy, as she doesn’t have a middle path. Both have to take care of the emotional chord running between them. This chord can prove to be a radioactive material for a Cancer man’s nuclear plant. If pampered the right way it can last a life time or if things are not resolved it can blow up anytime.


Their issues if dealt properly can distribute the fragrance of love between the two, if not this atmosphere can lead to a certain disaster after a few years. So a Cancer man needs to take care of emotional bonds between them. This can lead to love gaining a stronger base with its sweet smell. This is what life needs to teach us.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Scorpio

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Sexual Compatibility


On the first date itself both Cancer man and Scorpio lady can ‘hit the bull’s eye’ or it can be a total disaster. The Scorpio lady is more intense than a Cancer man. Both have changeable moods, but deals with their moods differently. Initially both might shout with physical pleasure both get from one another. Both later indulge in various sexual encounters with great care and softly.


Both start feeling that their emotions are kept safely with each other. Sex between these two can be erotic and soul full. Cancer man knows her desires and he tries to fulfill them all and she in turn keeps urging him to want more. Cancer man finds enough depth in Scorpio’s beautiful eyes and knows what she is asking for. This is an affair that was made in heaven.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Scorpi

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Family Compatibility


If this relationship last for a long time, with both happy about each other and none of them wants to leave the other’s side. Such an alliance is full of love and laughter, but both of them have no intention to follow the other. Both can keep many secrets hiding in them, but if one of them finds out a secret about the other, a fissure gets created between them; it can lead to brawls between the two, ultimately ending with a thud.
She can venture to an unknown land and he is afraid to do so. He thinks she is foolish and she thinks he is not courageous. Both need to tackle such ethics in an amicable way and keep the spark of love shining.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Scorpio

Physical Compatibility


A Scorpio lady’s skin ought to be dusky, broad face, curly hair with long hands. She has a commanding persona about her. She has a very fine proportional muscular and stout body. Her eyes appear to totally hypnotically piercing, making one shudder, if he is under her constant gaze. With her finely carved out eye-brows that are placed over her blue, green, brown or black colored eyes. Her looks seem to be going through you as if stirring your soul.


A Cancer has a very expressive face that display high boned cheeks, provocative and large round eyes, with a visible brow, slim hips and very small feet. But he has a wide chest that leans forward during the middle ages. With visible teeth he has a tough jaw line. He loves eating food, but is extremely cautious about it as he puts on weight easily disturbing his appearance; he knows it is an uphill task to reduce it.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Scorpio

Professional Compatibility


Both pay full respect to true and genuine love and sincere trust. A Cancer man is ready to travel on the path where his target lies. He remains fully focused with loads of determination. He loves quality rather than quantity. He has certain leadership qualities in him. He wants others to follow his own path and achieve their respective targets. He is a born leader with a soft heart. He restricts travelling on the unknown path.
A Scorpion lady feels proud when she takes the risk of exploring the unknown path. She is drawn to the unexplained mysteries of the world. She has the resources to reach such destinations. She loves solving puzzles that are extremely difficult. She loves upscale, heights and cute places and a Cancer man loves antique shopping and nice & quite dinners. A French restaurant is the best place for their date.


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Final Outcome


– A Scorpio has amazing physical features that attract the males, especially if it’s a Cancer man he certainly is going to melt down.


– Both gets intimate on the first date, but falling in emotional love is not easy for a Scorpio lady.


– Both keep certain secrets within themselves, if living together they may not share some, when their partner comes to know from anywhere else, war like atmosphere gets created.


– A Cancer man may not take professional tours to the path that is unknown and a Scorpio lady goes there willingly.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Scorpio

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