Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Sagittarius

Compatibility between Cancer And Sagittarius


Little Bit About Cancer And Sagittarius


Cancer has the element of water and Sagittarius’s element is fire, their combination is little hard to digest. When water is poured on fire it douses its flames, but both have the potential of getting connected and learn the good things from one another. Only the sweet fragrance of love can make it possible. A Sagittarius lady is outspoken and free minded soul with a unique charm. Some Sagittarius ladies go for something strange without analyzing its pros & cons.


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She knows her Cancer man has a intensely passion for love and she also falls in love with him. She uplifts his spirits and is fun to be with him, but sometimes her blunt replies can hurt an emotional Cancer soul. A Cancer man is extremely humble soul who doesn’t hurt anybody intentionally. He is a hard working man who has full determination to achieve results no matter how many hiccups do happen. He gives respect to his lady love Sagittarius lady and engages in all her adventures.


Love Compatibility


A Sagittarius lady might have had bad experiences with less sensitive men earlier, but once she gets connected with an emotional Cancer man, she rejuvenates her trust in love. She feels totally safe and secure in his presence. She is often pleasantly surprised with his changing moods that excites her and keeps the fire in her burning. She also impresses him with her straight forwardness and not like other hypocritical ladies.


He might appear a miser in her eyes, but he knows the tricks to mesmerize her. He might not have the image of her dream man, but he is able to impress her with his gentle ways. She might suffocate under his consistent advising, she wants to break free. He in turn just waits for her, after cooling down she realizes her mistake and comes back apologizing. He welcomes her back with open arms.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Sagittarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Both never get attracted to each other, but by mistake they do crash and start an affair both are surprised to find another language of love that both knew nothing about. If both build up trust between them, than this alliance creates history and adds spice to their sexual affair. Such an affair is fun and enjoyable. Sagittarius promotes Jupiter and this thing could uplift the spirit of her pal.


Cancer man’s warmth and passion awakens and their sex life reaches a new soaring height. A Sagittarius lady might fell shy initially, but she also opens up after a few sexual encounters. She has certain unexpected desires that a Cancer man can’t fulfill, but she should give up and mellow down to his changeable moods and enjoy the sexual pleasure.


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Family Compatibility


Both form an alliance quite naturally. Both get along very nicely in various conditions that life has in store for them. Both keep moving at the same pace. A Sagittarius lady knows her direction in life and on finding a Cancer man who doesn’t know the direction, but moves with a target in mind. She is the one that guides him in finding the correct direction as he had been a little reckless earlier.
She gets turned on after finding a decent looking guy, who has an honest way to achieve a target and makes the things happening. No one is better than a Cancer man. Both get united and try achieving that destination. She feels she is in safe hands, it is only when both reach deep inside their buddy’s emotions, a doubt starts creeping in her mind. Bur Cancer man can eradicate such feelings from her mind, with his skills and both can construct a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Sagittarius

Physical Compatibility


A Cancer man possesses a very expressive face with steep cheek bones, big round eyes that stimulates the person looking at them, with a thick eye-brow, small feet and thin hips. When he gains some age his chest gets wide. With a tough and firm jaw line his teeth are placed nicely. He is a little extra cautious while having food, as he gains weight easily. It gets tougher on how to lose it.


A Sagittarius lady is taller than the average height, powerful, moves physically in a quick manner. She has an oval shaped head and sparkling and intelligent looking eyes. Her fore-head is huge and a pointed chin. She also is prone to fatness, while eating she is too cautious to not eat the food that contain fats.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer man enhances the business he gets involved in. A Cancer man can take orders and direction from anyone, but only on the things that require no management. A Cancer man works independently giving preference to quality and not quantity. He finds his colleagues as a challenging party. So he makes most of them as his friends and he loves helping his near & dear ones. So the competition is erased and both get along very well. It is this nature of his that brings in a Sagittarius lady to fall for him.
A Sagittarius lady is totally optimistic, open minded, creative and generous. She can liven up the environment; she is working at. No matter what the occupation is, at least it should complement her persona. A Sagittarius lady is a bit flexible by nature and she thrives on that. She is adventurous, like to explore the unknown and rebuffing to anyone or anything, especially to the one who creates hiccups during her work.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Sagittarius

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Final Outcome


– Both are poles apart as the element in their signs is equally opposite, but both get connected as opposites attract each other.


– When both come closer and start living together, both learn lots of good things from one another.


– A Sagittarius lady feels the company of a Cancer man is engrossing and so moves in with him.


– Initially she is shy, but when intimate both learn lots of things they thought never existed.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Sagittarius

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