Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Pisces

Compatibility between Cancer And Pisces


Little Bit About Cancer And Pisces


This is the best combination one can ask for as far as zodiac signs are concerned. Both share water as their element, when water is mixed with water, only its volume increases. Both have almost no break ups or brawls as Cancer works on sympathy and Pisces on true devotion. A Pisces lady tender and soft, she takes care of her near & dear ones with a feminine grace. She always has a sympathetic hand for all the needy. She can uplift her persona with a Cancer man as he takes care of his lady love with a gentle and humble way.


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She also feels elated and worships her lover for a full lifetime. During distress periods, she never loses her cool, but such things should be taken care of a short time. A Cancer man runs after money and achieves success in a hard and honest manner to enjoy life. He proves his loyalty to all his relatives. His mood swings anytime, but his steady sense of humor keeps his reputation intact. He loves pampering by his lady love and she constantly keeps him in high spirits and spoils him. He might sometimes be annoyed due to some bad financial weather, but his hard earned money is saved and not spends lavishly, comes in handy to fill him with joy.


Love Compatibility


A fragile Pisces lady is held by a gentle Cancer man with his soft hands. She feels safe & secure in his company. His great sense of humor keeps a smile on her face and when he changes his mood instantly, it worries the Pisces lady very much. In fact she never reacts to his instantly changing mood, but he can sense that, and again he pampers her back to a smile on her face. He never wants to hurt her feelings.


Both can be rigid some times, but it brings out their emotions and passion for each other. He respects her sheer tenderness and the way she takes care of him & his emotions. In reply he also showers his gentle love and secures her from the cruel hands of the outside world.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


Sexual bout for them is mere formality, they get intimate emotionally. Pisces can be a little awkward and strange with a Cancer man, but both enrich their sexual bouts with their own quality. Both nurture their buddy to enjoy the sex life in a stable and safe way. Then emotions get shared brining in the sensuality in their love. Pisces lady never understand the way a Cancer man approaches sex in a primitive way.


Pisces feels that love is better than all the rules and regulations the world has made for them. Usually she will seduce her Cancer man to let go his instincts and shame and enjoy the sexual life to the fullest. Both gets the quota of emotions mixed with sexual bouts and have fun.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Pisces

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Family Compatibility


Both realize very soon that being in an alliance makes them solve many problems of life in an easy manner. To stay united both have to stay together and face the harsh realities of the life. Water flows through both very smoothly, both feel the unison between a man and a lady made by heavenly gods themselves. The gentle touch of a Cancer man is felt deeply by a Pisces lady and she blossoms like a fresh rose.
She responds with a passionate love that he was unaware of and gets pleasantly surprised. Most of their issues arise in their physical intimacy when his mood changes and he becomes cool and ignores her, but such things don’t last long and soon both solve all the issues and get united again to keep the flame of love burning.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Pisces

Physical Compatibility


Pisces has the quality of a mixture of features that resemble many sun signs. She is not tall but of a medium height and is a little plump as she put some weight to her body. She carries dimples on her face. Her eyes are quite big and caries a sparkle that can be hypotonic for the one she is having a word with. These are light blue in color. She possesses a lovely smile and very fine hair of light brown color. She has big breasts and stocky thighs.


The facial features of a crab (sun sign of cancer) have nothing noticeable. These are small, but attractive as his eyes are of light blue color, with stressed eye-brows, the jaw line displays a prominence with evenly placed teeth. He has slim arms and legs, but a strong hands. He might be wearing specs as he is often short-sighted.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


She is born to endow power and wealth as she has a good sensibility to judge a business. Usually, she goes for a service career. She is a radical thinker as she saves money for her old age and doesn’t wish to be dependent on her kids to look after her financially. She keeps a soft corner for the needy and can pay them in advance. She does hard work, but somehow she seems to lose focus. If stressed she can become industrious, true, honest and sincere.
A Cancer man is also hardworking and wishes his business to climb the ladder of success in a steady way. He never ever loses focus and after achieving his destination he wants his friends to follow the same pattern and taste success. He is ready to accept orders but loves working independently. He lays stress on quality and not quantity.These are certain qualities and manners that attract the Pisces lady towards him. /p>

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Pisces

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Final Outcome


– No other zodiac signs find the compatibility better than these two sun signs.


– A Pisces lady feels most safe and secure in the strong hands of a Cancer man.


– Both love each other with very strong desire and passion and the lady blossoms like a fresh rose.


– Both don’t spend money lavishly and save the hard cash for their sound old age.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Pisces

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