Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Libra

Compatibility between Cancer And Libra


Little Bit About Cancer And Libra


Both create a perplexing alliance between them as a Cancer has water as element and Libra lady has air. Their alliance can guide all the couples in this world i.e. both should adjust and compromise and the world is yours! A Cancer man has high emotions running between them and become too fragile when committed together. A cheerful Libra lady enjoys life to the hilt.She has a warm nature, who is intelligent and graceful enough to handle family and office very smoothly. She admires a Cancer man for his sense of humor and protection for his near & dear ones.


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She also stands beside him through thick and thin and both try to remove the hindrances life has brought for them.A Cancer man is a lovely person who is famous among his group of friends because of his sense of humor. He does do his job perfectly and honestly. He is moody and takes no time in making a decision and implementing it. He is very protective towards his lady love, if it is a Libra girl he falls for her gentle & soft nature, her broad smile that gels with his humor. Both take life differently and problems surface between these two.


Love Compatibility


Love blossoms between these two as a fresh rose and both enjoy it to no limits. Both get inspired by their respective lover so much that love has a great meaning in such a house. The home gives a cozy feeling, whoever goes there. Love is all around the place, flowers look fresh, their eyes keep sparkling and one enjoys coming to such a place. Both solve lots of problems together.


Libra air cools down the water Cancer and he starts thinking rationally and not impatiently, like he used to do. Both sip the morning tea and see the sun rise and are holding each other when the sun goes down. The sweet smell of love lingers down throughout the house and both stay totally loyal and devoted to each other.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Libra

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Sexual Compatibility


Both lack passion and when watched from outside both seem poles apart. But the tactics adopted by a Libra lady can stir Cancer man’s emotions and make him mellow down. Main problem that comes to the fore is their element, Cancer’s water and Libra’s air. Libra lady can be very patient and nice, but is a hard task for a Cancer man to get adjusted with the speed air flows.


. If both get attracted and spend some time with each other together, both are inevitable to share an alliance. Libra lady needs to get connected emotionally after studying all the aspects like how her lover behaves, how he touches her and lots of other things. A Cancer man is too sensitive and takes no time to get connected emotionally.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Libra

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Family Compatibility


Among all the zodiac signs Cancer is the most trustworthy, but not with a Libra lady. A Cancer man, who is very sensitive in such an affair, needs a quite family in the house with no interruptions from anyone and a Libra lady wants to go out and meet new or old friends, seeking other people’s advice on their love affair.
She is so double minded that one day she might ask herself that is the man she would love to settle down with and have kids. Both need some advice from a wise person to get adjusted according to the situation and ‘go with the flow’. The trouble starts brewing up between them, especially if the Sun is in her final degrees.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Libra

Physical Compatibility


A Libra lady does not have any prominent features, but are balanced ones. They are pleasing but nobody gives them a second look as they are not noticeable. Most of them have a pleasant expression of their faces. Their main feature is a dimple that exists on her cheek, chin or the knee cap. She is not fat, but a little plump and her whole body is full of curves and angles. She has curly hair, an intelligent face, a surety and blissful thoughts that attract a Cancer man towards her.


A Cancer man can be recognized by his face that is round in shape and is very expressive. He has a short to medium height that tends to become heavy when he attains some age. He has a thin hairline and it can be dark. He displays high cheek bones, small nose, round twin chin, small feet & hips, but a broad chest. His teeth are placed nicely in a strong jaw line. He gains weight easily, thus eats cautiously. It is easier to gain weight but it gets difficult to lose it.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Libra

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer man takes his profession seriously. He has lots of enthusiasm in him making him reach his target, no matter how much time it takes. He loves doing the job at hand in an honest manner preferring its quality rather than quantity. He loves doing his job and wishes others to follow in his footsteps. He never loses the focus on his target and work continuously to achieve it.
A Libra lady is bound to be wealthy as she is capable of reasoning, debate, logic thinking and pronouncing a sound judgment that will be accepted by all. She takes right decisions, when & where to invest money that will bring benefits to her. She is generous and broad minded and can help others. Many think about her as being diplomatic, but she is not. She also spends a little lavishly, but she must check her spending sessions.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Libra

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Final Outcome


– Both seem to be poles apart if watched from outside, but if both become flexible, they can go on forever.


– A Cancer man gets involved emotionally where as she needs to analyze the whole affair radically and then reach a final decision.


– A Cancer needs a lover who can take care of their home, while Libra lady moves out to seek the advice of other people outside.


-Both seem to earn handsomely, while spending he is extra cautious and she can spend quickly and lavishly to impress outsiders.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Libra

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