Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Gemini

Compatibility between Cancer And Gemini


Little Bit About Cancer And Gemini


Gemini has a sign of air and Cancer has water, as both contain each other’s particles, the same way both are inevitable to get connected and intimate. Both might share ripples in their watery relationship, but Gemini’s charm fully takes care of all that. She is big fan of his brave instincts, as they say, ‘fortune favors the brave’ and Cancer man is lucky to be amused by her numerous ethics. A Cancer man is money minded person who is a brave man and not a coward to take risks. He first analyzes the problem he is facing then he goes and deals with it.


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He invests carefully after studying the pros & cons of that firm where he is placing his money. He shares his past deeds with his Gemini lady love with aplomb. He is fully preventive for his lady love and cherishes it. Both are tender and loves going out with each other and not with a crowd of friends. Cancer’s element is water and Taurus has earth as element, so as earth mixes with water, the same way both stay together for a great time. This water-earth sign forms a good partnership that can face the fluctuations of life. Both do feel the emotions that are hidden inside their partner..


Love Compatibility


A Cancer man is only the one, who can spot a Gemini lady gleaming among so many other stars with a naked eye. Both love traveling and Gemini lady is the happiest when she travels with her Cancer beau. Both do enjoy such trips frequently. She has to show her affection, so she buys little gifts and souvenirs’ for her lover just to show how loyal she is. Sometimes it irritates him for spending unnecessarily on the things they did not require.


Verbal duel takes place after that and she is intelligent and expert enough to seduce Cancer man into amusement by her actions. She is not emotionally attached with this Cancer man who still has doubts in their alliance. She should be more matured and play her cards well in order to let this alliance last long. He is the pioneer of a man who makes her feel in love and never snatches her freedom; she feels she is on cloud9.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Gemini

Sexual Compatibility


A Gemini lady is the one who loves and shares different kind of love affairs as she believes in Cyndi Pauper’s number ;girls just want to have fun’ and a Cancer man can stay at home and love his close ones especially his lady love very carefully and tenderly. Rarely comes an occasion when a Gemini has to relax her buddy and control by conversation alone. Both are bound by their mutual love for each other.


Gemini can keep talking and keep talking endlessly whereas her partner does not feel free to keep talking; he just utters a line or two. But that’s not the way it should be otherwise tension between them is going to grow and not cease. If Cancer does not hesitate to speak, he can see the depth of love that Gemini holds for him. If both wish to steady their alliance that has to search some where they can find exciting and intimating alliance and enjoy a great sex life.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Gemini

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Family Compatibility


A shining Gemini lady when joins a sensitive Cancer man and they are able to solve their personal problems themselves they become more faithful to their mates. They believe all these brawls and hardships as mere gossip and start behaving maturely with each other. Each one of them can read the other’s mind through the other’s eyes and wait on how to fulfill his/her buddy’s desire. They change their heart into a fantastic room that nobody wishes to leave.
Love blossoms between them like a fresh flower and its smell lingering in that room. Cancer’s sensitive and Gemini’s changing nature starts mixing well, forming an alliance that everybody feels proud of. She might suggest new ideas to bring in some excitement, but he has a rational mind making her see the right path. He shows his loyalty and warmth during making love process to which she malts and seeks solace.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Gemini

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Physical Compatibility


Gemini can’t be recognized by the way she appears, she looks far younger than her actual age. They are tall and slim but can tend towards plumpness id acquainted with a Cancer or Taurus man. They have long arms and legs with fleshy hands. They have a broad fore-head with high cheekbones and a rough skin. She has very expressive eyes, a wide mouth and finely shaped lips. Her hair line is supposed to recede during the passage of time.


Cancer man has a finely expressive face with high cheek bones with very attractive and round eyes with a nice eye-brow. Cancer man has a wide chest with small feet and hips and wide and broad shoulders. He possesses strong jaws with evenly placed teeth. He is extra cautious about his diet because it is very easy for him to put on weight and becomes very hard to lose it.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Gemini

Professional Compatibility


Professionally speaking Cancer males are spontaneously creative. Here is an emotional creed that is fully loyal and honest, loving and protective. They take decisions on a gut feeling and turn all the stones to achieve their destination. He will abandon everything if he starts sensing failure due to one reason or another. He is superstitious and is very hard for him to move on to the next project. Lots depend on his mood.
A Gemini lady on the other hand is adjustable and flexible and can change in the direction in which the wind blows. She has a variety of subjects and topics to discuss. She possesses lots of energy, is intelligent, witty and possesses a strong sense of humor; one will never get bored with her ethics. But she doesn’t have the consistency to stay focused on the job in hand. Mostly she stays double minded and tend to bite more than she can chew, which makes her lack concentration increase anxiousness.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Gemini

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Final Outcome


– A Cancer man is a little impulsive in taking decisions where as a Gemini lady makes him cool down and take decisions according to the issue he is facing.


– A cancer man can give up everything related to his job at hand if he senses failure and a Gemini lady tries to find solution to the existing problem.


– Gemini nature is a little changing and a Cancer man’s nature is impulsive, when mixed both gel with each other immensely.


– She has no business sense and he uses all his skills to reach the target in mind.


– Most of the time when an argument arises it is solved by both, resulting in an amicable way.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Gemini

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