Compatibility between Cancer And Capricorn


Little Bit About Cancer And Capricorn


Both don’t mix with each other easily. Cancer has the sign representing water and Capricorn has earth. Water gets dirty when mixed with earth; here also both possess different qualities and nature. She can make him corrupt or sad when he mingles with her. Both do have certain qualities that both need to share and learn lots of good things from each otBoth don’t mix with each other easily. Cancer has the sign representing water and Capricorn has earth. Water gets dirty when mixed with earth; here also both possess different qualities and nature. She can make him corrupt or sad when he mingles with her.


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If both play their cards a little diplomatically they are ready to create an alliance that lasts for a long time. A Capricorn represents Saturn making her refined, materialistic, mature and gracious. She remains reserved as she is shy talking to outside people and no man gets attracted to an introvert. She is attracted towards self made men and loves giving parties at her house and plays a perfect host to the guests.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Capricorn

Love Compatibility


She comes under the sign of Saturn, a sign of sadness. She certainly doesn’t gel with Cancer who is full of emotions that he loves to share with his buddy. She is totally dry of emotions as she never gets interested in sharing feelings whenever her lover wants to share some of his thoughts. She stays aloof to the whole process and asks him to share his feelings with someone else and better stay focused on your job.


He gets annoyed and starts feeling bored with her. Both get attracted due to her maturity and soberness and his secure and emotional touch. Both form a great combination if they keep talking with each other soberly and softly. Both should not yell at each other for all the miss happenings that have occurred in their home. Both keep blaming the other party like the politicians’ do inside parliament.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


She has an excellent figure that can prove too intimating for a Cancer man when she goes to have sex with him. She wants to explore everything about her buddy and gain experience from his deeds & misdeeds. She has an alluring personality that can be candid with all. A Cancer man should not get annoyed when she flirts with men coming to her house. She does take this as a silly thing as she plays a perfect host to all her guests.


She feels safe & secure in her buddy’s company, but loves going out whereas he wants to stay home and love his lady love. If both share each other’s emotions it can add spice to their sex life. Both have to change a little bit to compensate the other’s feelings that are genuine and share them, instead of getting annoyed and leaving their buddy’s house. Both need to behold their expectations and enjoy the sexual encounters, which can lead to a love affair blossoming between them.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Capricorn

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Family Compatibility


Cancer man is a perfect partner as far as a Capricorn lady is concerned. He can be a little possessive about her and loves her more for all the good reasons. He stirs her romantic side with his warm emotions that arouses her and she is ready to get mingled with him. A practical lady, the Capricorn does pay respect to his emotions and both gel together on this newly formed love train.
If this train keeps moving, they can have a happy family. May be he gets irritated by her rude behavior that is totally emotionless, but when she feels sorry, he feels obliged and gets normal very easily. She gets hurt when his mood changes all of a sudden and then all hell breaks loose. Frequent brawls start taking place until a war breaks out between the two and brings in the end of this alliance.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Capricorn

Physical Compatibility


The physical features of a Capricorn lady are standing out to be seen and usually they are long and thin. She might appear to be of short height in her early teens, but can grow taller after attaining the age of 16. She possesses dark or black hair, with blue eyes, a thick neck and a long chin. Her physical appearance is muscular and strong. She appears to be slim and lean or plump and soft. She has solid feet and wears some sensible shoes on them. No matter how she looks, she is never going to fly, but remain on the ground itself.


Cancer man is identical to the picture of his sign, a crab. A crab moves slowly and physically so does a Cancer man. All his physical features also are like a crab, totally round in shape. His face, large eyes and even his limbs are shaped roundly. They do all their physical works in a slow motion. It is because he talks softly and gently attracting the female Capricorn immensely towards him and crating an alliance.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


As everybody on this globe wants name, fame and money, a Capricorn lady is also hungry for getting famous and financially strong. She is not in a hurry to acquire money as she keeps working steadily. No matter how many hiccups she faces, she keeps working consistently unless she achieves success. She never lets go an opportunity and can take risks to achieve gains. She knows that ‘god helps those who help themselves’ and in this process keeps investing carefully and save steadily. She never expects discovering a treasure and keeps growing regularly.
A cancer man knows the lady he loves can give him a push whenever he needs it. She can herself pursue his aims and get on the driver’s seat, he can sit at home idle and he doesn’t mind it as he has full trust in his lady love. Their honesty and optimistic nature can take them higher towards success steadily. She is a little fearless as she is under the fire sign who doesn’t mind taking risks to climb the ladder of success.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– She is able to take risks, whereas he might not do so to achieve success.


– Both are ambitious and want their business to be on top of his competitors.


– She might be shy, but a perfect host in domestic parties and he just loves his love interests.


– She loves going out and have fun with her buddy and he enjoys a domestic life.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Capricorn

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