Compatibility between Cancer And Cancer


Little Bit About Cancer And Cancer


When an emotional Cancer man falls in love with a humble Cancer lady, both strike s great cord with each other, and it creates an amazing pair. Both have the common water element in them and mix so well that both can lead a peaceful life full of love for each other. Both are totally generous to each other. May be a Cancer man is a little flirtatious by nature, but once in love with a lady, he is totally devoted to his lady love. He proves to be a caring and protecting man who can go to any lengths to save his love. Both do run after money, but are a little skeptical while spending it.


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A Cancer lady is the perfect match for a Cancer man who seeks the same kind of love and emotions as she provides for him. She can never go aggressive towards her lover, but is a cool and subtle lady. She can share her emotions with her Cancer man quite easily. Sometimes she keeps moaning over minor issues and feels the lack of emotions to deal with such a situation, but if the Cancer man treats her in taking care attitude and solve her problems radically, her happiness has no boundaries and she just do all her household chores in a cheerful mood. It makes her proud of her Cancer man and everything around them starts sparkling.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Cancer

Love Compatibility


Both are ready to help each other when their buddy is facing the mirror. Their composure remains intact even during the time of distress. Such unity erases all secrets and mysteries as both are too sensitive and share their feelings for each other. Such ‘a love house’ where both reside looks like a nice poem to the outsiders. His warmth makes her feel secure & safe; she in return cares & loves him more strongly making his changing moods stay stable for a long time.


Once their financial conditions improve, both form a great alliance that nobody can break. Not even a fissure gets into their relationship and love blossoms all the time; everybody is craving for such a sweet smelling atmosphere at house, now called home. Their alliance is hard as a diamond, smooth as silk, bright as sun, calm as water and smells like a fresh rose.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Cancer

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Sexual Compatibility


Both do co-ordinate with each other when both get intimate and have sexual bouts. Both share their personal experiences with each other and have no secrets within them. Outside world might think that two are crazy, but they don’t give a damn unless both get the confirmation that he/she is loved by her/his buddy, the way he/she does through their physical contacts. With the passage of time both might start getting bored with same kind of conversations taking place daily, the best way to eradicate a disaster happening both can share some new ideas or change places, bringing in the excitement both are always yearning for.


Both Cancer meets and touch the emotions that perceive within them. Both come under the sign where Mars falls, and remain reserved a little bit. No one wants to take the initiative to approach the other, just for sexual bouts. Both can get emotionally attached to each other as both are sensitive and sexual bouts take a back seat. Such a situation must be handled carefully otherwise a total crash is inevitable.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Cancer

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Family Compatibility


Both do know each other’s nature and expectations and share a stable life. Both know when to promote their buddy and when to criticize its buddy’s antics. Both have lots of dreams that both wish to materialize, with each other’s help they can fulfill them. Due to various reasons when one of them is caught unaware and is in distress of some kind, his/her mood can swing in anyway making that Cancer personality furious making it feels dominant.
Both are mature to handle such situations, but when a fissure is created due to some misunderstanding between them some type of uncertainty has to prevail, making both sob uncontrollably. Both need to construct trust between them and face such hardships in a radical manner. Both go through deep thinking and try to put an end to these bad days and are happy when their love is rejuvenated.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Cancer

Physical Compatibility


Girls born in the sign of Cancer have chubby cheeks, ringed face and a small nose that has an outstanding tip. The color of her skin is pale and eyes can be sky blue, black or grayish. Her hands and feet are small, but with big and wide breasts she can look voluptuously sexy. She loves travelling and is inclined to the public life. Her social manners attract a male Cancer to her, whose nature also falls in line with her.


A Cancer man has a small to medium height that can become heavier and rounded during the middle age. With thin and dark hair that are not dense and not well structured. A round face that is very expressive with high cheek bones, a small nose and ringed chins. He also has a broad chest, small feet and small hips. He has powerful jaws with evenly placed teeth. He gains weight very easily so he eats very cautiously because he knows it’s easy to put on weight and is hard task losing it.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Cancer

Professional Compatibility


A Cancer lady is a little too careful regarding her money. She is totally honest in her dealings and cannot tolerate a corrupt person dealing with her. She works hard and stores the money to have fun and enjoy life, but she doesn’t spend lavishly, even on her lover. She is quite fortunate while dealing with the financial matters.
A Cancer man is energetic, full of enthusiasm, gentle in their behavior, innovative and secure for his lady love. He has so many qualities to his persona that he loves his job done in quality and not quantity. He focuses on his target and works hard to achieve it. Once his job finishes he wants others to follow him and he is ready to help them also. He is an impulsive decision taker. His honesty can’t be doubted; sometimes he does get anxious as he cares a lot for his near & dear ones.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Cancer

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Final Outcome


– Such an alliance is very rare to find, both know each other’s desires and expectations and have the skills to fulfill them.


– Both don’t attract each other, but the moment both get intimate, there’s nothing stopping the two.


– GBoth are intelligent enough to earn handsomely, but are too careful while spending and investing.


– Both are too sensitive souls who fall and when together both share all secrets of each other.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Cancer

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