Compatibility between Cancer And Aries


Little Bit About Cancer And Aries


An Aries lady attracts a Cancer man due to her strong feminine aura, her directness and she is bold. Both keep interrupting in any sort of conversation they are having and keep going astray from the topic they were discussing. Interests of both do differ very much. A Cancer man perceives an Aries lady naturally and knows she is telling a lie. Cancer sign comes under Mars and Moon represents Aries; both have a tendency to understand each other.


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Their intentions are pure and authentic and every word said by them is loud & clear. Cancer expects lots of satisfaction from their buddy if he is able to stir her emotions and make her feel secure. Cancer keeps his/her emotions inside and is reserve to reveal them, where as Aries is full of emotions and would love to share them with her buddy. Cancer does need a family, not just to re-produce human beings but requires a safe haven called home.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Cancer and Aries

Love Compatibility


Aries doesn’t have an emotional balance and needs a compatriot who can share his feelings with her so that she survives in this cruel world. She can’t be restrained, she feels she is happy by herself and don’t require a buddy to make her feel secure. As Aries has the element of fire and Cancer’s element is water, both do avoid each other. But when water is poured over fire it extinguishes the fire. Same way when Cancer keeps trying to be her pal it helps the Cancer man to be friendly with an Aries lady and both form an alliance. Her behavior and ideas don’t match the Cancer’s views, but they keep hanging with each other for a bright future.

If they stay a little longer together both fall in love. Cancer is ready to dance, eat and sleep all day long where as Aries wishes to devote her time to sports and doing physical activities. Cancer doesn’t have the same pace in order to keep it up with an Aries. Trust does exist in them unless they get intimate. Aries enjoys the intimacy they both share and Cancer feels it otherwise as he thinks she shouldn’t be so aggressive and pushy. Both don’t pay value to each other’s emotions and so drift apart. They have to adjust accordingly to avoid this thing happening.

Love Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Aries

Sexual Compatibility


A Cancer usually is not interested in sex whereas an Aries does wish to enjoy sex with her buddy. Cancer comes under the sign of Moon, psychologically not so sex oriented sign. They do enjoy sex very gently and only when it has a meaning to the whole process. Both are hot and rough with each other at that moment. She can be a bold lady during the whole act, but is happy to be in the arms of a Cancer man who has emotional depth and is stable. She can be a flirt, but Cancer person knows that he will not be cheated.


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They learn the other aspects of their sex life when they come in the arms of each other. Aries is full of emotions and start showing them when they get intimate. They are not gentle, but show their aggressiveness as they feel intimacy was available for both of them, it can’t be created. If they mutually agree on certain conditions and get intimate to each other and feel nothing is being forced on them. Then this alliance becomes sensual and exciting for both of them to enjoy. Trust plays the catalytic bridge between their differences.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Aries

Family Compatibility


Aries can be described as an emotional disability as both these are full of emotions. Aries can be dominant in such an alliance. As both these sun signs are over protective for their loved ones, both can take care of each other’s needs, whether they are physical or mental. If everything works out both share a great alliance that can help build a family. They desire a lot from their buddies when they go inside their buddy’s feelings and stir each other’s emotions.
Cancer can hide its emotions whereas Aries would love to share them with her buddy. When not in a mood Cancer doesn’t make love, but Aries feels safe when in its buddy’s arms. Both possess a soft side that can prove to be fragile when it comes to pay respect to each other’s values. Both can’t be put under pressure to start an alliance, but if they get intimate, are bound to fall in love and build a family, of course a happy family. Both are warm and passionate about each other, so they can have a happy family together.

Family Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


Cancer possesses broad shoulders and has a muscular body with a strong chest. He also has very long arms with large hands and feet. He has a round face with round features that have high cheek bones. His eyes generally are small and giving a piercing looks. His nose has a small structure with a pale and clean skin. His eyes are small but attractive eyes that are blue or light in color. He also has a full and wide mouth.They also possess thin and medium to dark hair. Cancer person can be recognized by their stomach that is round in shape and soft and mostly it contains the six pack abs.


As Aries ladies are bold and confident they are spotted easily. They possess medium height, but are of masculine type. When you spot an Aries lady, look at her head, it is slightly forward, it is finely crafted and distinctive. They also possess a strong body. She has a large fore-head, a small chin and a long face with a long neck. They have brown and sharp grey eyes. Their hairs are a little more thick than usual and this structure keeps that way even when they grow old. Aries hair show a reddish color especially when they are out in the sun. Female Aries have a sharp brow that can also be bushy. With their heavy nose, that seems to be broken once or twice, and is distinctively placed on the face. They have a full lower lip, when compared the upper lip is usually thin.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Aries

Professional Compatibility


Aries is committed to her career only as she loses her happiness if you restrain her from doing anything. An Aries lady has to be the boss as she doesn’t like to be instructed, but are ready to give orders. She doesn’t want to save money, but do so in order to be safe even when she doesn’t have anyone left to rely on. So she needs to boost her own image in the eyes of public. She feels that she should be loved at least by her family for the image that she carries, an adventures lady.
Spontaneous Aries have other qualities like are active, courageous, daring and full of enthusiasm. They do all their jobs in an excitement environment acting swiftly. But on the other hand they can also be vain, proud about themselves, impatient and egoistic too. They can get violent as they are jealous, selfish, violent and ruthless too. So Aries possess both good and certain bad qualities.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Cancer and Aries

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Final Outcome


– Aries has the full enthusiasm in life doing anything where as Cancer can’t take decisions after the age of 30s.


– Cancer is able to hide its emotions and Aries loves sharing them with her buddy.


– Aries is pushy and aggressive while getting intimate whereas a Cancer is not in the mood most of the time.


– Cancer takes life a little lazily and Aries is always on the move to do some physical activities.


– Cancer doesn’t possess the enthusiasm of an Aries when doing something at the pace of Aries.

Horoscope Compatibility Score between Cancer and Aries

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