Compatibility among Aries and Virgo


About Virgo


Virgo belongs to Earth and the people of this sign are very well organised and they have faith in humanity. They are the people with the nature only work no play. As compared to Aries they have common likes in choosing a partner. Aries have strong character and they can sacrifice anything for their partner. Virgo also take care about the feelings of their partner and they also respect their partner very much. Like Aries Virgo also love to help others and always stands with family and friends. Virgo like to be independent and solve the problems logically so people consult them with their problems. Aries and Virgo both like to help others and even can give anything to help others. For starting a relationship Virgo take a little bit more time. They are in the nature of going in details of everything. If Aries have relationship with Virgo then Virgo will remain devoted and will love long.


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Love compatibility:


Aries and Virgo is a fine match but both are very shy in expressing their feelings and very skilled to hide feelings and emotions. If both of them falls in love the success and happiness is sure for both of them. Aries are sensitive and Virgo are intelligent the relationship will go fine. For having successful relationship in between Aries and Virgo their interests and likes should be same. Because Virgo has their own state of mind and no one can convince them to change their opinions. If anyone does then there should be no results. Different interests can create problems among them so if your partner has the same likes and dislikes the relationship will be fine. Virgo think logically and analyse everything before taking any decision and once they decide something nobody can change their decision except situations. Such kind of nature can be irritating but cannot be ignored.


Sexual compatibility


Both are sexually compatible but the problem is none of them come forward to express their feelings and when it comes to sex making then they both are shy they will depend on each other. There is fire in between then but no one comes forward they can never even talk about sex openly to each other. Aries have good libido and want to have see often but Virgo will see and calculate the situations then they make up their mind for having sex. But when they are open to each other then they can thrill. Sex is the basic need of relationship if one person want to have sex frequently but the other person want it occasionally then there something wrong can happen. Sex is the biological need that can be fulfilled by partner.


Professional compatibility


Aries in profession will try to achieve their goals by following examples but Virgo is different in nature he or she will try to work deeply for the task first he will analyse the task completely and then he will spend some more time in finding the new ways to do that task with there own methodology. Such type of nature sometime take the person on top but mostly person has to face problems. If Aries and Virgo works together the situations will be similar to riding a roller coaster. Virgo never changes their strategy and never take anyone’s opinion. Aries give their best for doing their task and also take consent and help from others.


Emotional compatibility


It is very easy to guess about the emotions and feelings of the Virgo by noticing their words, actions, reactions and body language but it is impossible to assume the emotions and feelings of Aries they are best in hiding and handling their emotions. Aries don’t believe in show of in any manner but Virgo want that other should feel the same what they are feeling themselves but their language and actions. They are totally different from each other if we talk about emotions and feelings. Sometimes hiding emotions is good and sometimes expressing is good so both the signs have to learn to manage emotions.


Family Compatibility


Person bearing Virgo sign attract people and they are very socially liked so your family will not have any issue with Virgo. Aries are of very shy nature they become friendly after sometime but when they once becomes friendly then they have no problem. Aries is very good listener but never talk much on the other hand Virgo is very good speaker but he do not have any idea that where which topic is to be discussed he like to be listened. Aries will become adorable to all the family members but Virgo will be only appreciated by male members because of his or her talking stuff.


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Physical compatibility


Aries are very good perfumers while having sex and have all the qualities to make their partner horny. Virgo are not very much indulged in sexual activities but when they are once arouse then they make their partner to feel great. Both the signs have good fertility and these both signs can have better sex, orgasm and relationship if one of them will lead and other one will follow. Both the signs have different priorities while having sex as Aries are very gentle while making love but Virgo prefer rough sex. For better sex life both have to clear each other about their desires, boundaries and tastes while having sex.


Over all conclusion


Aries with Virgo scores 65 out of 100 in Compatibility test.


-You must think twice before starting relationship with Virgo.

-Spend some more time with Virgo to know him or her better.

-You only start relationship if you have common interests.

-Do not pretend show your real image.


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