Compatibility among Aries and Sagittarius


About Sagittarius


People belongs to Sagittarius give their best in hard times because they see the brightest part of the situations. They love to feel free and give preference to their freedom. They like to travel different places and always remain curious to learn more and more about the other cultures and creeds. If compared to Aries they are a little different from them because Aries are calm and peaceful and very smart in handling their temper but Sagittarius are a little hot tempered and at different occasions they use to make such promises which are out of their capacities. Aries use to work according to their heart and Sagittarius work according to their mind. Lavish lifestyle is the main weakness of Sagittarius and simplicity is the power of Aries. Even both the signs have different traits but when they unite they like to know each other and wish to be like each other.

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Love compatibility:


Aries is ruled by Planet Mars that is for Passion and Sagittarius is ruled by planet Jupiter that is for intellect and luck. Both the signs when fall in love it seems that couple is made in heaven because both have very good understand with each other and never gets bore from each other. Aries is very romantic and caring by nature and Sagittarius are always intimated with their partner so relationship remains in the good terms. They both take stand for each other in any kind of situations and always help each other in hard times. Scorpio put all the efforts to make partner happy and Aries never let their partner feel unhappy at any cost. In this relationship affections and romance is on the cards. Sagittarius like to be independent and Aries is a little of possessive nature but they both understand each other’s feelings so problems will be very rare.


Sexual compatibility


Both the signs when enter bedroom they carry intimated souls with them the most important in their relationship is they make all the efforts to satisfy each other. While making sex both are adventurous and love to try new places and positions. Both will have cold fights just like they will fight to come on top while doing sexual activity. Flirty nature of Sagittarius can create minor issues but Aries are wise to handle the situations. Both will remain interested in each other’s body and the libido will never become any issue in the relationship. Sexual life will be more then hot and for long time period. Where a partner cares for the needs and desires of the other partner the sexual activity becomes amazing.


Professional compatibility


As Aries are very much devoted to their work so they never get time for gossips and minor silly things. Aries are very sincere and hardworking they put their best for achieving goals. Sagittarius like to work in team and they focus all around them and make their own strategy to work out. They are more interested to be appreciated for their efforts by their supremes and always want to be noticed and to be in the good books. If Aries and Sagittarius will work together they will work fine and their partnership will bring good results. If the situations go out of control then Sagittarius let the things go but Aires make efforts to take them under control. These both sings if start business related to production and market they will shine in the market.


Emotional compatibility


Aries are impressed by the person who are open minded, straight forward and talk clearly. Sagittarius are bold and open to all around them they have charming personality. Aries feel comfortable with Sagittarius while having conversation and like to be appreciated. When these both signs come together they have strong bonding because both share common feelings and emotions. They both admire each other and love to be with each other the best part of this relationship is they both are trustable for each other. It is not easy to understand the feelings of Aires so for Sagittarius it can create minor issues.


Family Compatibility


When Aries will introduce sagittarius with the family first Sagittarius will feel shy and awkward but after sometime when become friendly with the family everything will be fine. Family members will be impressed with the over all attitude of the Sagittarius. Aries will become friendly with the family of Sagittarius very soon and will become like a family member. Both will have good relations with each other’s family. Aries will not have any break down with the family of Sagittarius and good behaviour of Aries will help in building good relationship with the family of Sagittarius. Older people in the family will have special connection with Aries.


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Physical compatibility


They both are full of enthusiasm and energy when they are in bedroom and every time they both will have sex will be mind blowing. No one will use sex as a weapon in relationship. The main activities during having sex both explore. reveal and satisfy each other this is the reason sex will be never boring between them. Aries is very much serious about playing safe if Aries found that Sagittarius is cheating in relationship then Aries will not think twice in giving up the relationship. Every time the sexual activity will create love and romance in between them.


Over all conclusion


Aries and Sagittarius scores 80 out of 100 in Compatibility test.


-You will have a fast moving and exciting relationship.

-Sagittarius is very honest in relationship.

-Full of sex and pleasures.

-You will have long term relationship.

-The person is perfect for you for the love relationship.

–Aries will enjoy with Sagittarius as the are fun loving.


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