Compatibility among Aries and Capricorn


About Capricorn


People belongs to Capricorn sun sing are sensible and serious similar to Aries. Capricorn believes in preparing complete strategy before doing any action. Capricorn are reliable and fun loving people you can trust them freely. These people have complete sense of responsibility and they are dependable. Aries are less romantic as compared to Capricorn but both have equal faith in themselves. Capricorn stand with their words and never make fake promises. Capricorn sign is ruled by planet Saturn so person belongs to this sign is down to earth and cool. Capricorn are good in managing things they are loyal. The best thing in the Capricorn is that they can easily judge the person but Aries trust very easily on the peoples. Capricorn does not assume the things they are very practical. Capricorn love getting noticed and want to know the people around them they are very social and greet everyone with a smile. When Capricorn is in love they are very caring and emotional.

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Love compatibility:


Aries and Capricorn couple have very fine thing in their relationship so they can go long. Both of them give preference to each other’s sentiments and feelings which is the nicest thing in the relationship. Capricorn want to lead the relationship ad Aries finds it caring nature of the Capricorn so nothing goes wrong in the relationship. Aries is very emotional and take everything seriously but Capricorn take the things lightly. Aries only get annoyed when they are ignored or not listened and Capricorn gets angry when there idea is rejected. When they both come forward for the relationship they put their ego side and never let it be the part of the relationship. Capricorn is a nice personality who believes in respecting their partner as compared to Aries is very straight forward in the relationship. Both will have a successful and happy relationship which will go beyond the commitment.


Sexual compatibility


Sex is the basic need of successful and happy relationship so both the partners must be sexually compatible. Aries enjoy foreplay and like to be touched at their special love points but Capricorns make sex just to release. For Capricorn sex is just a activity but for Aries it is a emotional attachment but both intimate each other and satisfy each other in best of their manner. Both love to make sex in different positions and at different places. Both want to explore each other’s feelings and bodies during the sexual activity. While having sex the best part is if the partner takes care for the others desires and needs and both the signs have this quality so they will enjoy physical unity very much.


Professional compatibility


Both will come up with their own strategy and point of views when they come forward to work together. As Aries belongs to Mars they will use all their skill to achieve their gaols but Capricorn is ruled by planet Saturn so they will try their own ideas and also will work in team to achieve the goal but they never follow anyone so there can be a problem when Aries and Capricorn will work together. There is leadership quality in both the signs but no one want to follow other at workplace which is not suitable for them.


Emotional compatibility


Aries are very emotional and they seek hugs, kisses, affirmations and appreciations. Capricorn are open while talking about feelings and emotions they are also honest. If both the signs falls in relationship then they will feel more connected emotionally to each other. Both will be comfortable in understanding and fulfilling the needs of each other’s emotions and both will value them.


Family Compatibility


Aries relations with the family of Cancer will be fine and the family member who belongs to Aquarius and Libra will have good connection with Aries. The people of Cancer sign have abilities to attract anyone with their personality so they have no issues to impress the family of their Aries partner. Cancer will meet the aspirations of the family and will remain in their good books. All the family members specially the male members of the family will have special touch with Cancer. But any family member who has the same sun sign Cancer will remain sone unhappy with Cancer But nothing to be worried because other family members will change his or her opinion.


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Physical compatibility


Aries are attracted towards the nice hair style and also consider sense of dressing of their partner but Capricorn like fair colour and tall height of their partner. Aires are also attracted towards the slim figure and masculine body and Capricorn are attracted towards not so skinny physiques. Both give second preference to looks and first of all they see over all attitude of the person. Aries love to be kissed and touched and they are emotional type of peoples. But Capricorns get aroused very soon. They can make their mood of making love anytime and anywhere but for Aries have some different priorities to make their mind for the activity.


Over all conclusion


Aries and Capricorn gets 88 out of 100 in compatibility test.



-You will make a nice pair and couple.

-Romance and sex will enhance bonding in the relationship.

-You will have less issues for arguments.

-Both will love to stand by each other in every moment of life.

-You can trust blindly on your partner.

-Because of Capricorn you will always feel safe.


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