Compatibility among Aries and Aquarius


About Aquarius


Aquarians are good hearted peoples who like to help others and stand with their words too. Aries and Aquarians can be very good friends and can also go fine in relationship because they both can understand each other without words. Aquarians when fall in love then they are fully committed to their relationship but Aries give preference to career and growth. Love is first priority for Aquarian and Aries out it on the second seat. You can go further with Aquarian for relationship but you never be possessive in the relationship. Aquarian are very soft spoken and emotional type of persons and they are honest they never give up. The person who belongs to Aquarius sign are good in conversation and their personality attracts everyone. They stand separately from the crowd so it is easy spot them out.


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Love compatibility:


Starting a relationship with Aquarian is not a big deal but the main purpose is to keep the relationship. Aquarians are good partners and friends because they never want to loose their partner and friend at any cost. Aries and Aquarian makes a very good couple because you will get many chances where you will find that you have made the right decision of choosing Aquarian as a partner. Aries analyse a lot before being friendly with someone and they think a lot while choosing their partner but Aquarian is different. When both of you have different point of views then both will give chance to each other to prove their views right so you will have less conflicts and arguments. Aries is a wise partner and Aquarian is reliable one. Aquarius cannot compromise happiness for success and Aries give preference to career and growth.


Sexual compatibility


Aquarian always want more while having sex and they like rough activities Aries need plenty of foreplay before starting the activity. Both are interested in trying new things and positions while intimacy. Aries need some quality in sex instead of making it everyday. Aquarian never hesitate to give you pleasure and never will refuse to try the things their partner like in the activity. Aries also try to enhance the sensation and like to give everything in the activity. Aquarian is sex lover and tries new positions to arouse and satisfy their partner. Aires love to share feelings and sexual pleasures with their partner.


Professional compatibility


When Aries and Aquarian come forward to work together then the result will be in their favours. Aries a wise and brainy person and Aquarius hard working and the person who generate own ideas both will have a very unique combination. Aries settle the things with their wisdom and they always think twice before taking any action. Aquarian never depends on anyone but try to create their own way to achieve their goal. Both will understand the strengths of each other and will also cooperate with each other to bring the better results.


Career Compatibility


Aries believe in satisfying their clients and want to give quality of work and Aquarius work smartly to achieve their goal. Aries are interested to work in such fields where there is public dealing but Aquarian love to work in team. Aquarians are technical and Aries and good in selling and in providing best services to the clients. Aquarian like to handle the projects at their own level but never hesitate to take help of others but Aries want to work at their own level. Aries like sitting job but Aquarian don’t want to sit.


Emotional Compatibility


Aries will be supportive for their Aquarian partner and will act mindfully. Aquarian will understand the needs of their partner and will do everything to fulfil them. Both will maintain emotional tie up with each other in the relationship. Both have common nature of forgiving each other and that is the best part of their relationship. Honest and clear conversations between Aries and Aquarian are predicted if they come forward for relationship. Aquarian has ability to learn that what is going in the mind of their partner and they always care for the feelings of their partner and Aries make efforts to make their partner happy.


Physical compatibility


Aquarian is humble and give preference to the inner appearance of their partner and they value the feelings and emotions of their partner. Aquarian love to try new things while having sexual activity and Aries like foreplay, romance and missionary positions only. This can be a little a little awkward situations for the Aquarian. Aries like to maintain themselves fit and healthy but Aquarian are foodies. Aries are very conscious of their cloths and looking they keeps on trying new ways to look good. Aries keep relationship with their own body and they are very conscious about their body.

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Over all conclusion


Aries and Aquarius score 80 out of 100 in compatibility test.


-It will be a nice couple.

-You both will take your relationship on the next level.

-Both will learn many new things from each other.

-Sex will be the basic need of your relationship.

-Very less problems and arguments are predicted.

-Long term relationship is sure.


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