Compatibility between Aquarius And Virgo


Little Bit About Aquarius And Virgo


A Virgo lady finds an affair with an Aquarius man a little challenging, but with her compassion both get attracted to each other. Their affair can create troubles later, because she needs security and he needs freedom. Their different natures if not changed can bring in difficulties for both of them. She displays a calm and cool attitude, but is a keen observer. She analyzes the world around her and only then she proceeds, that’s why she doesn’t jump in to have an affair with any man. When in a affair she remains totally loyal unless she finds him involved in a suspicious activity. She doesn’t display in public as she finds it childish. She believes in reality and the facts as seen by her, but her nature is adjustable and she selflessly is ready to sacrifice anything for her mate.


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An Aquarius man is social bird who can be found in his large circle of friends that he keeps enlarging more. He is able to feel his past, live in the present and feel what the future holds for him. He is an intellectual with a good sense of humor. Usually he stays detached, nut in affairs he is a little primitive, and loves long time alliances. Mostly it depends on his mood.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Aquarius and Virgo

Love Compatibility


Love for them is a picture made by an Aquarius man and the Virgo lady paints colors to the picture. Both love each other authentically feeling safe and secure. Both share their deep emotions with each other and that makes their bond stronger. She believes in practically expressing love for him that makes it a stable bond. He daydreams making this bond more exciting and full of pleasant surprises.


He makes her so erotic that she seems to be vibrating and asking him for more love and their future together. Both enjoy life living in the present and have all the fun that is within their reach. He has the talent to mix everything available in a ball and start playing with it. He provides wings to her and asks her to anywhere she feels like. She is extremely happy that no one is curbing her freedom.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

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Sexual Compatibility


Their love affair has the most important factor i.e. their sexual sessions. It is the bond that is hard as a diamond, smooth as silk and flows like water in a river. He does play so many new tricks for her, some are so nice that she couldn’t have imagined they existed. She becomes more expressive during love making. She makes him more erotic with her different gestures.
Their alliance has intense opposing passion that drives them crazy for each other. He tells her that he has never ever enjoyed as much as he has enjoyed with her and he would have been dead if she wouldn’t have come in his life. Both are extremely satisfied with holding each other in their respective arms, giving love a fascinating name.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

Family Compatibility


A Virgo lady first analysis’s her lover to be and a long time to start an affair. When both get rocking she is a great wife and a greater mother as she takes care of her kids in an esteemed manner. He might get a little irresponsible where their family is concerned as he loves to socialize. She is self-sufficient unless her desires and needs are taken care of.
The only bad habit she has is she criticizes every near and dear one, even her mate and sticks to that her way was right and theirs was wrong. Her this habit sometimes turns him off and he can be cold and detached from her and the family. Both need to adjust a little bit in their behavior and things will again start rolling smoothly and steadily. Both can then raise a vibrating family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

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Physical Compatibility


A Virgo lady has a tall height with a slim body. Other features of her body are her fragile ears, nose and lips, a wide fore-head, blue colored eyes that keep an expression of being honest. Her eyes are so clear that one can see his/her reflection in them clearly. She has tilted and thick eye-brows. She does all her activities at a fast pace, so she doesn’t stand a chance of a fat belly. Her voice is clear and shrilling one.
An Aquarius man has a different body, he appears to be bisexual. His body resembles a boy’s body even when he matures down to a man. He also has bright eyes and thin lips. His face expressions are impartial and his head might be tilted to a side. He carries nobility with him, impressing the crowd around him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

Professional Compatibility


A Virgo lady has luck running on her side as she has numerous resources coming her way during her lifetime. She spends carefully and earns handsomely. Her bank balance might start getting thinner during her old age. She is fortunate and thinks gambling, but doesn’t give in. Here she needs a sensible guide like an Aquarius man.
An Aquarius man keeps making new friends as he is a social bird. He continues in finding new ideas every day and loves to share them with his near and dear ones. Both financially and emotionally, he is an independent fellow and he loves his freedom. He stays outdoors most of the time. If he commits to something, come what may, he never gives up.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

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Final Outcome


– They have a strange link up, she is slow to start and he is busy interacting with hoards of people.


– He creates a black & white picture of love and she brings in the colors to make it more beautiful.


– When they have an affair both are aroused to no limits as both love each other so much that one can feel their vibrations for each other.


– Both have to adjust their nature a little bit in running their love train smoothly for a long lasting time as he is primitive by nature.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Virgo

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