Compatibility between Aquarius And Taurus


Little Bit About Aquarius And Taurus


A Taurus lady has to adjust with an Aquarius man as both think about the life in a different manner. The lady favors honesty and reliability, and she wishes to remain sensual and enjoy the comforts of life. He resists trying on things that have been tried and tested earlier that can cause complex situations. Both need to adjust accordingly if they ought to start living together. She has all feminine qualities in her body that a man looks for and is pretty determined. Her moral and emotional courage is unlimited, but when she gets furious over anything, she creates a storm in the house. She is usually a perfect host for any occasion. When she starts an affair with a man, she wins his trust by showing her loyalty and totally supports her man through thick & thin, only if he spares some time and loyalty towards her.


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An Aquarius man has the complete knowledge about how this world functions. It provides him the knowledge about how and why certain things have happened and a foresight to judge what might happen in the near future. His social circle might think that he has gone insane, but he is too rigid and keeps sticking to his commitments. He is a generous soul who loves helping the needy. He has many times proved to be a good man for various ladies and he pays lots of attention to these loving little damsels in his life. He might seem lost or confused sometimes, but usually he us warm and caring soul. He proves to be the best friend of the lady when he forms an alliance with a lady and always keeps her spirits high with his bubbly nature.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Aquarius and Taurus

Love Compatibility


A Taurus lady doesn’t fall in love with an Aquarius man just to enjoy the romantic thrill, but trust and strength of this bond are more important in her mind. She even starts taking guarantees of spending the life with him. She takes good care of her man, his house, and its inmates. She does her duty with full alertness and remains focused on her job.


Earlier she was happy with her family, but when she falls in love, she comes into his house blindfolded. She joins him in all his household works and both explore the world together. She knows that her man is an easy going soul and knows how to handle him. She sometimes loses her temper when he tries to pin her down. She deserves equal respect from her man as she gives him.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

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Sexual Compatibility


In the beginning it looks exciting, but not satisfactory. She looks at sex like to tool used to get your work done. She has sex with her mate thinking both will later fall in love and get married as she takes this alliance as a guarantee for life. But he being a moody man doesn’t take it seriously initially; he remains detached and easy going and just goes about having sex to quench his physical thirst.
This is the time for her to change; she has to show interest in his arousal to a new level. She has to be patient when they go for another session, she must become seductive enough to challenge his libido. But it all depends on his mood that is so unpredictable, but she can at least try.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

Family Compatibility


There are some serious differences between a Taurus lady and an Aquarius man that need to be sorted out at the earliest otherwise this affair has no future. He is too much curious in everything new or bizarre that comes in his way; he has to explore it to know the truth. She gets irritated when he keeps pushing her to know more about her. “Push me in a corner and I’ll scream’ this line from the song ‘one more chance’ perfectly fits her nature.
She doesn’t get bored with routine affairs and he requires changes in everything he does. None of them is able to express their emotions; she should bring them out and communicate with her man thoroughly. She behaves in a slow manner and by the time she is ready to take up the matter, he leaves in another direction.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

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Physical Compatibility


A Taurus lady has a height that varies from short to medium. She has a wide fore-head, obese and bright eyes, thick and muscular neck. She has dark colored hair and a spotless complexion. Her whole body is well developed one. Her physical aspects draw an Aquarius man towards her.
An Aquarius man has a difficult persona in physical aspects as he displays that he has bisexual qualities. Even when he gets mature his body appears like a boy’s body and his face displays a blunt look. He has bright eyes and his heat might be tilted to one side. He also has tiny ears and thin lips. His physical persona depicts nobility. It is his bubbly nature that makes him popular among the crowd, especially an Aries lady.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

Professional Compatibility


An Aquarium is always in search of something innovative and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He has a mission to make this world a better place to live. He is intelligent enough to keep inventing new ideas that he shares with his loved ones. Mostly he is out on one adventure or the other, it makes him emotionally and financially independent. Anybody can trust him as he remains stuck to his commitment, come what may.
A Taurus lady is generally generous and will help anyone who is need of something. She is fully reliable and she makes a perfect employee and is quite famous for her near & dear ones. Her nature is calm and gentle, so it makes her speech very polite to hear. She has lots of patience and she also has freedom of emotions and money matters. She is persistent and hiccups of any sort don’t disturb her.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

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Final Outcome


– Their affair is little hard to digest as both have different natures, both need lots adjustment if these two have settle stably.


– Initially she takes a serious view to their attraction and mating to last a life time, but he takes it coolly and just as a time pass.


– She has the patience that can work wonders for them, but she is ultra slow to express her feeling.


– He just is an easy going guy and she takes full care of her man, his house and his family.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Taurus

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