Compatibility between Aquarius And Sagittarius


Little Bit About Aquarius And Sagittarius


A Sagittarius lady and an Aquarius man have the talent to have an exciting affair. Both loves moving on, might be the reason for their unwillingness to settle down, both attract each other. Both in their sexual excitement form a groovy pair as it usually happens with majority of couples in this world do. They lay a strong base of their exciting affair. She is a total authentic and honest with everyone. Sometimes she is too honest, even with her mate that occasionally she hurts his feelings, she needs to act diplomatic, but that’s the way she is. She is so honest that she appears like an open book that anyone can read. She trusts any body and is ditched by some wicked persons. When she meets an Aquarius man, she remains totally affectionate with him.


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An Aquarius man has a precise goal in his mind and he remains busy with that. People known to him think he is duffer, but he has a genius mind and knows how to achieve his goal. No doubt he is moody, but usually he is calm, generous and has a great sense of humor. Getting friendly with him is like finding a treasure of friendship. He is a person who will never break a promise, come what may. He is a genuine person, speaks nothing but the truth.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Aquarius and Sagittarius

Love Compatibility


The word love finds its true meaning when a Sagittarius lady falls in love with an Aquarius man. The nexus between them is wonderful as the wise, full of like fire and smooth as silk. Their love keeps growing like the water is flowing downhill. Both bestow love as a gift from each other to one another willingly and thus love stands on cloud 9.


Both feel enchanted by this nexus that is full up to the brim with excitement and fun all the way. Both make hay in this sunshine called love. Both are accepted from all dimensions as their needs and desires are almost the same. Both are madly, but steadily in love with each other. If one has to see true love in authentic form, see them both having an affair.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Full of strong powers, the sexual bond between an Aquarius man and a Sagittarius lady is simply stunning. Their intimacy never lets boredom sneak into their house. Their chemistry is so strong that both keep communicating with each other on everything, and with his good sense of humor he always finds his lady love in splits. Her laughing out loud is often heard by their neighbors.
Both keep stimulating each other and getting erotic they get ready for another session. She looks fascinating in his arms making him proud to hold her. He can bring her to tears flowing down her glossy cheeks with his emotional whispers and the next moment can make her laugh out loudly with his silly and naughty physical gestures. She gets turned off with bad ideas, but an Aquarius man has lots of new ideas that make her the happiest lady.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

Family Compatibility


A Sagittarius lady and an Aquarius man gel with each other most of the time as both are honest and speak nothing but the truth. He loves her more passionately for her this quality and she proves to be a catalyst for him in achieving his specific goals. Most of their thinking on various things is the same and both rely on the facts. He might get a little doubtful when she spends lots of time with her own friends, but a little patience and conversa, ion between the two can eradicate such doubts easily.
She is a lady who loves her freedom and strength. A fire keeps burning between the two, keeping their warmth of love in the house. With his exciting new ideas he keeps bringing in newness to their house. When it mixes with his sound sense of humor, it often creates a blast that both enjoy. Both can have a cheerful family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

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Physical Compatibility


He has a strange way of displaying his physical appearance, the first glimpse looks like a bisexual man. His physical features are such that his body is similar to a boy’s body even after he becomes a mature man., His face displays an impression of a candid man and his head is always tilted to one side. He has very bright eyes with thin lips. He always impresses the peoples he interacts with.
A Sagittarius lady has a well developed body with an excellent figure. She is slim yet tall, with oval shaped face, massive fore-head, high and thick eye-brows, blue or hazel colored eyes, a twin chin and her hair locks keep falling on her fore-head. Open and generous features attract many people towards her to exchange some ideas, including an Aquarius man. She has an aura of herself.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

Professional Compatibility


She is a lady who is fortunate to find wealth because she is honest and a hard worker. She just wants quick money coming her way. If Jupiter is not disturbed, she has a very shiny and polished career in politics. She wants to see frequent changes as she gets bored with the routine work. Most probably her married life will be prosperous.
An Aquarius chap is such a person who is always out to discover something new every day throughout his life. He interacts with hoards of people and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He loves to discover new opinions and loves sharing them with his near and dear ones. If he does promise something, come what may, he will never break it. He is a free guy both financially and emotionally.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

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Final Outcome


– Both find this affair to be absolutely fulfilling with lots of laughter and excitement.


– Both find the true meaning of love, no one gets bore of each other’s company , his sense of humor adds spice to their affair.


– Their need and desires are almost the same, so both gel together and make a cheerful family.


– Both satisfy the physical and mental side of each other and her loud laughter can be heard in the neighborhood.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Sagittarius

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