Compatibility between Aquarius And Pisces


Little Bit About Aquarius And Pisces


The Pisces lady is a practical one and an Aquarius man has a friendly nature, their bond forms a dream world in which their common goals are lying. If both combine together, they are sure to succeed. Both are humble in nature and easy going humans, the problem gets scary when she wants a safe & secure place and he remains a little detached. It all depends on how they resolve the issue. When a solution is found, both go and paint the whole town red. Her self confidence is too low, she can listen patiently with her sweet actions. She trusts anybody and therefore this fragile and emotional lady be ready for many heartaches throughout her life.


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An Aquarius man is busy with his own work or he pretends to be busy or sometimes he remains detached initially. He has his own plans on how to chase his dream projects that he has carved. His mind is always full of realistic facts. But when he finds a mate, he is totally loyal to her and takes good care of her needs and desires. He might seem skeptical in the beginning, but is an honest person with a sharp mind. He never breaks a promise and speaks nothing but the truth.

Horoscope Compatibility Between Virgo and Aquarius and Pisces

Love Compatibility


When both fall in love they form a charming alliance, and the result that oozes out is splendid. He finds the warmth of love floating in the air when these two falls in love. He knows her insecurities and teaches her how to deal with them. He himself gets so attached to her; he makes her stronger and more firm but doesn’t lose her elegance and social grace. Both take long walks holding each other’s hand and smell the sweet fragrance of flowers mixed with their love.


Their happiness has no boundaries because both are totally content with each other. Occasionally she does get a little suspicious when he interacts with other ladies, but he knows how to tackle all these small issues. She requires a man who can solve most of her problems and he just does that.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

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Sexual Compatibility


An Aquarius man does not enjoy sexual sessions initially, but is more comfortable in a love alliance. But she has something seducing in her nature that pulls him in. Initially he feels a little bit skeptical, looks odd, but he has excuses to cover all these minor things. He starts praising her physical charm and his heart pounds faster than ever before. She senses it and reacts strongly, leading to minor scuffles.
With time these decrease and both have more sexual sessions, involving there emotional side with it. A strong bond gets created with them that have harmony and complete satisfaction for both. He genuinely takes good care when both enjoy the physical pleasures, His gentle touches and he fondles her body so passionately, which makes their sexual encounters reach a sound climax.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

Family Compatibility


Her feminine qualities attract an Aquarius man and her nature draws him to her and would love to know her better. She is the only one who can teach him to stay on the ground instead of dreaming big to fly. She herself is not sure about anything, but once he gets close to her, she stops sobbing but begins seducing and he has no choice but gets seduced.
She is a great and patient listener and she listens to him for long and is ready to support him if he needs help. She sometimes gets anxious, when he keeps interacting with so many people, but occasionally he responds explosively, hurting this fragile lady deeply. But he has ways to control this situation, but this happens very rarely. Once in love both crave for each other and are ready to create a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

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Physical Compatibility


A Pisces lady has short height, very few are tall, with beautiful eyes that have unusual lights, but appear misty. She has more dimples on her cheeks or chin or even her knee caps has dimples. She has a wide mouth and small & cute hands. She either has tiny and beautiful feet or huge and ugly feet. She doesn’t have very noticeable features, but all are covered by her elegant grace.
She might get obese during the middle age.Physical appearance is a little strange, the first glimpse looks like a bisexual man. His physical body is the same to be a boy’s body even after numerous years, even when he becomes a mature man. His head is always tilted to one side and his face has an impression of a neutral man. He has sparkling eyes and very thin lips. He is always able to impress the crowd that he interacts with.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

Professional Compatibility


A Pisces lady is blessed with power and fortunes, she know the strategies to earn money and save to have an extremely wonderful time in the old age. She doesn’t want to depend on her kids, at least not financially. She loves working with some freedom and no restrictions, but in a true and honest style. She gets attracted to attractive men, who should not be a duffer by the mind, but an intellectual as she herself is.
If one has to trace an Aquarius man who can be found in a crowd and he is in discovering something new each day during his life. He deals with numerous people and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He just loves finding new ideas and loves sharing them with his loved ones. Come what may, if he makes a promise, he will never break it. Both financially and emotionally, he loves his freedom.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

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Final Outcome


– Both have different nature, with lots of things to learn from one another, together they can achieve success.


– Both form an alliance and love oozes out, giving new dimensions to love.


– They have harmony and well balanced bond that can’t be broken easily.


– He lives in his dreams (fantasy land), it is a Pisces lady who bring him to face the reality.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Pisces

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