Compatibility between Aquarius And Leo


Little Bit About Aquarius And Leo


A Leo lady and an Aquarius man have some common characters and both keep complementing each other. It becomes easy to deal with them when these two get together. A Leo lady is personally and intensely involved lady and he is rather detached and impersonal. But both do form a balance between them, which keeps their ball rolling. She is proud and powerful lady whose elegant grace is seen to be believed. If compliment she receives is in a negative sense, she can’t tolerate it. If optimistically complemented, increases her confidence, one can’t possibly find a better lady then her. She thinks love has to be taken than provided as she believes to be superior than her mate.


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Aquarius man is a friendly nature guy who is youthful, simple and laid back attitude he has. He never bothers to be applauded or criticized; he simply nods and goes with the flow. But is sharp minded, with no harm to anyone over his remarks, he can understand the situation within seconds. He takes his affair with this lady more of a friendship bond than calling her his lady love. He gets attracted to her after seeing her self confidence that is huge and keeps asking himself that is there a better way to know a person without conversation between the two.
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Love Compatibility


A Leo lady craves for someone who can applaud her actions with compliments and an Aquarius wholeheartedly does that and finds the way straight to her heart. Their bond finds the strength as he talks to the point and doesn’t waste time in conversations taking too much time. She also hates wastage of time, when her needs and desires are taken care of him she becomes his loyal and generous companion.


She is rather not impressed with his persona as he is a free soul, but he feels isolated and not expressive. He is ok in Leo lady’s company, but not more comfortable in repeating his affection. Overall he proves to be a good mate of this Leo lady as he doesn’t restrict her from going anywhere at any time and values her authority just like his own.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

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Sexual Compatibility


Both are compatible in their sexual sessions, but have to take certain precaution in order to enjoy these physical sessions. In the beginning he plays aloof, but with time he realizes her warm nature finds love in their sexual relations and satisfies her completely. He makes her feel safe and secure in his arms in a very calm way and she responds and fills him with passion that was never felt by him before.
She never holds back with this Aquarius mate and the feeling that she is undignified makes her take part with more enthusiasm. He never looks down on her as she delivers her honesty during their love making sessions. These sessions proves to be medicine for their daily arguments and frustrations. When both argue he goes out to be with his old friends, but when he gets home both forget everything and start another session.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

Family Compatibility


She craves for compliments from him, but it is neither an easy thing for him to do nor it is easy for him to tell her how much he needs her. He has to come out of his complex feelings and be more expressive if he wants his love boat to sail smoothly. He has this odd behavior that can’t be tampered with anything. He should discuss this curiosity when both are going stable.
Both need to adjust to each other than finding certain flaws in each other. He doesn’t know how to compliment her, but he needs to try a little harder. Even when she does not get compliments she seeks, her passion and warmth start to cool down making this love affair impossible to carry on. Both need to brighten up and adjust accordingly if they have to form a happy family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

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Physical Compatibility


A Leo lady is gorgeous, beautiful and intelligent lady. Her face always blushes, wide fore-head, walk with the head held high, she has broad shoulders with a thin waste, She has an excellent body is seen physically. She has dark brown colored eyes that are usually round with a slight tilt in the corner. They appear soft and gentle; if she gets furious appear like fire. Her skin color is reddish. She has a vibrating intensity inside her that makes her look like a royal princess.
Due to her excellent physical shape an Aquarius man gets attracted to her. He has an awkward physical presence, looking bisexual the first time. His body remains looking like a boy’s body even when he matures. He has his head tilted to one side, his face giving an impartial expression and has bright eyes with thin lips. He impresses the crowd around him.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

Professional Compatibility


A Leo lady has luck running on her side in money matters. She has an abundance of resources and earns quite handsomely as she has an excellent figure to pull money. But in her older days, her bank balance begins getting thinner. Her luck prompts her to go and gamble in a casino, but she can’t take risks. Here she needs a man who can guide her properly.
An Aquarius fellow is always in search of something new every day in his life. He keeps enhancing his circle of friends as he finds a friend in everybody he interacts with. He keeps discovering new ideas and loves sharing with his loved ones. Once he makes a commitment, come what may, he keeps sticking to it. Financially and emotionally he is an independent guy.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

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Final Outcome


– A Leo lady starts an affair seriously and Aquarius man remains aloof, but both have a common harmony among them.


– She loves being applauded for her actions, but he is not capable of doing it expertly.


– Initially he remains detached, but once they get intimate, her warmth makes him fall in love with this lady.


– In the beginning he takes their affair calling his lady as his best friend, but with time passing by both begin taking care of each other.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Leo

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