Compatibility between Aquarius And Capricorn


Little Bit About Aquarius And Capricorn


Both, a Capricorn lady and an Aquarius man have an aloof quality with them, if romance and love are considered. Their affair has a little bit of complication. He is totally aloof in his nature in the beginning, whereas she hides her earthy sensuality and the way she loves her man. She remains individualistic with her own opinions and ideas. She keeps them all hidden inside her, to avoid conflicts and minor scuffles; she might even feel embarrassed in letting them out. No doubt she has the strength to handle any situation, but she avoids it. She carries her moral responsibility with staying loyal and emotionally stable. She never wants to make her loved ones feel embarrassed. She has a primitive nature and wishes her man to marry her first, than obey his duties.


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An Aquarius man just speaks the truth; he can feel the past, present and foresee the future at a single time. He rolls all these things into a ball and achieves his target. He has a sharp mind and plans are extremely good. During affairs he behaves a little primitive, he believes in long term alliances. He interacts with hoards of people and keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He has a cheerful nature, but stays aloof in the beginning. He might raise suspicion in his lady love’s mind, but it’s his nature and he knows how to handle it.

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Love Compatibility


A Capricorn lady is impressed by the attitude of an Aquarius man. He takes good care of her and feels that she never puts restrictions on his freedom. The manner in which he knows her needs and desires is truly appreciable. He makes her strengthens her nature on how to deal with her daily issues and face the world bravely. She also trusts him and overlooks his shortcomings.


Initially he stays a little detached and she knows his nature, but whenever she is in the need of a friend, he always stands beside her. He makes her fly and roam the new horizons and brings in new colors to their alliance, which never existed earlier when she was alone or with another man. Both live in the dream of their love and achieve their targets in a stable way.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

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Sexual Compatibility


Aquarius has the element of Air and a Capricorn has Earth as its element, their bond is a mixture of fantasy and facts. He is always changing as the air keeps changing its speed. When both get into a sexual combat, even then he keeps changing his mood. He finds different ways to make love.
Sometimes he enjoys this physical activity for hours at a single stretch, and sometimes he remains detached as is his nature. She also enjoys some of his new ideas, but mostly she stays stable. Its hard to turn her on, once she gets involved she becomes more aggressive and both reach a satisfactory and an ultimate climax. Bothe do enjoy this intimacy when they share their emotions with each other and are madly in love.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

Family Compatibility


A Capricorn lady gets attracted to an Aquarius man like nails to the magnet because of his friendly nature. He makes her as his best friend and not a lover initially, as he doesn’t do any commitment. She can feel jealousy brewing inside her when he interacts with so many ladies. She requires learning very soon that he remains aloof and these new acquaintances mean nothing to him.
He gets attracted to her nature as she is not noisy and she never restricts his freedom. She doesn’t give a damn to any of his different ways, as long as her demands are met. Even he teaches her how to face the world and fly bravely. Both pay full respect to each other’s way of working. Both can make a satisfying family together.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

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Physical Compatibility


A Capricorn lady has a tall height and is slim. She has some important features like she is short until 16, after attaining this age her height increases all of a sudden. She has a stout kind of body with black or dark color hair, which is long, dark steady eyes, long nose, wide neck, the color of her skin is tanned one and a pointed chin. She has a scar or a mole on her knee cap. She wears nice shoes on her strong feet.
He appears a little strange way of displaying his physical appearance, at first glimpse looks like a bisexual man. His physical features match a boy’s body even after he becomes a mature man. His face has an impression of an impartial man and his head is always tilted to one side. He has very bright eyes and very thin lips. He is able to impress the peoples he interacts with.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

Professional Compatibility


A Capricorn lady loves name, fame and good finances; she does gain money in a steady manner as she is a hard worker. No matter how many hiccups occur during her work,studiesnever will stop unless she has achieved success. She is always ready to grab any opportunity that makes her wealth grow. She pays full respect to her earnings and is very careful while investing. She has a sharp mind and study the new concept in detail before investing.
An Aquarius man is a person who is always found in a crowd and he is out to find something new each day all his life. He interacts with lots of people and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He loves the discovery of new ideas and loves sharing them with his loved ones. If he makes a promise to someone, come what may, he will never break it. He loves to be a free guy both financially and emotionally.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

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Final Outcome


– Initially both stay aloof in an affair, he remains her best friend and she fails to express her feelings for the man in his life.


– Both don’t restrict each other in their freedom; instead both encourage each other to explore new fields.


– Initially he remains a little detached and she is hard to turn on.


– He impresses her with his friendly nature and she impresses him with no restriction on his freedom.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Capricorn

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