Compatibility between Aquarius And Aries


Little Bit About Aquarius And Aries


Aries lady has the element of Fire and Aquarius man comes under Air, when air blows fire, it turns into a blaze, the same way their love behaves the same way. Aquarius man does not have many demands and can stay calm and an Aries ladies is always demands something or the other. But both get attracted to each other as both are totally in love and their alliance is steady. She is a lady who is impulsive, liberal and thinks that she is the best. She never avoids an argument with anybody, using her clever wits. She has all the fun with an Aquarius man’s jolly nature and jumps in his adventures with full energy. She sometimes makes him embarrassed, especially when they are in public.


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An Aquarian man moves on his own court, it all depends on his mood. Usually he is in a cheerful mood as he has a good sense of humor. He stays calm, is generous and fully affectionate. He has a passionate nature, but occasionally if he loses his temper, he can be unpredictable and awkward. No one can ditch him easily, but is admired by his near & dear ones. When he has an affair with an Aries lady he is very generous and meets most of her demands. He is able to handle her when she gets angry and utters bad language.

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Love Compatibility


An Aries lady displays an innocent look that attracts an Aquarius man to fall for her. When he learns about her nature and he selflessly keeps meeting most of her demands. She also supports him for his virtues and takes good care of him. With her creative talent, she brings an air of new found love on a daily basis.


She dives in most of his adventures and can get jealous of other’s around him and start uttering bad words about him and his family. But he stays calm and is an extrovert kind of man and he can control her rage. For a spontaneous lady like her, he proves to be the best match. He can sympathize with her and find a solution to her problem. It makes their bond go stronger.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

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Sexual Compatibility


Their sex life cannot be predicted as she has an aura about herself and she brings out his tender side making their bond stronger. She displays total innocence at the first session so that he should keep coming to have more sessions. Even he expects that she remain innocent throughout their affair. She also loves him to maintain his innocence too. She creates new ideas every time they are in the bedroom; most of them are able to surprise him pleasantly.
He comes back as dumb person who is eager to find more such adventures. He loves her whole body and loves to hold her tightly against his and keeps fondling her here & there. Both seduce each other to make love, and it makes him proud to hold an innocent and affectionate lady in his arms. Both enjoy these sexual sessions and are satisfied with their own performances.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

Family Compatibility


Absent mindedness of Aquarius man gets Aries lady angry sometimes, and she stands confused and even her demanding attitude can make furious. To avoid all this both need to understand each other and make their love bond a rigid one that cannot be easily broken. He is absolutely mad about his lady love and she loves his bubbly nature and his calm and relaxed attitude.
Both need to change thelifetimen habits if they want this alliance to hang on and last a long time. Both know that being committed has its own advantages, it will make their passion for each other burning for many more years, it can last a life time too. Both need to help each other and together they can win the world. Both can make a cheerful family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

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Physical Compatibility


An Aries lady has a reddish skin, but most of the redness can be found on her face. Her face is long, wide fore-head, but has a pointed chin. Her eye-brows are bushy that are over her brown or grayish brown eyes. She has well structured hair that can be dark or sandy in color. She is a little too fast in her activities as her body appears muscular.
It is a bit difficult to describe the physical description of an Aquarius man as he has bisexual qualities. His body will be like a boy’s body with an impartial face. His head might be tilted, but has very sparkling eyes. He has some features like a small ears and thin lips. He carries nobility with his persona.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

Professional Compatibility


An Aries lady is brave enough to take risks and not afraid of any hiccups that come during her way to reach the goal. She is the most courageous one among all zodiac signs. She just craves for anything new happening in her life. She is a lovely soul that is full of energy and enthusiasm. She is so passionate about her work that makes her popular in social circles.
An Aquarius is always ready to make friends and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends, He continues doing his job, thinking that he is helping in making this world a better place to live. He is a person with a sharp mind and keeps creating new things and not gets bored. He loves to be independent both financially and emotionally as he is an adventurous guy. If he gives one a word he will remain stuck with that.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

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Final Outcome


– Both attract each other with their mutual habits and their boat of love sail steadily if both need to adjust some of their habits.


– When in love, they quarrel very seldom, and keep creating new things, pleasantly surprising their respective mates.


– Once in love, he is crazy about his lady love and she also support him for his various virtues, especially his sense of humor.


– He is able to handle her furious nature very calmly, but occasionally he can lose his temper, but usually he can control her.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aries

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