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Little Bit About Aquarius And Aquarius


When an affair between Aquarius male and female begins it is a bit mystifying and looks planned. Both consider all odds as habitual and all habits as odds. Both begin the affair as friends as both are detached initially. They pay equal respect to each other’s freedom, but they lack the warmth of an affair that should be there. But both stay aloof and are not committed to each other. The lady is strong, independent and self willed one who can do her job in a perfect manner, but stands a little confused, at what’s happening in her life. She takes a different route to achieve her goals and she hums an offbeat tone that nobody has heard before. She remains detached, not worrying about what her mate or this world will think as she is not committed yet.


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An Aquarius man possesses an extrovert nature and thinks the globe is full of friends and never restricts his lady love. He is always curious to know the feelings of his mate, it’s his best time pass, and mostly he remains busy in chasing his target. He is mostly worried about his own individuality and freedom and is never suspicious about his lady love. He hates to get married to his lady love unless he is committing to do that. When both do the commitment, both stay loyal and dedicated to each other, throughout their life, if some misunderstanding doesn’t happen.

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Love Compatibility


An Aquarius man is more of a friend than a lover to his lady Aquarius. For a long time both carry on their alliance stably, treating their mates as their best friend, their mate also supports this idea. He can find more ways to reach his goals and guides her in reaching her goals. Sometimes she gives him new opinions to reach his goals and he admires her for that.


The best time comes when he pleasantly surprises his mate with unexpected expressing his love and plans have the same target. But both are happy to remain, friends, in fact, this is the belief that two Aquarius don’t marry. But if both find emotions are also running at the same pace between them, it creates an ecstasy. It is only then both express love for each other.

Love Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

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Sexual Compatibility


Both get intimate so often that they know each other’s secrets very soon creating a harmony. This knowledge can be gained in a stable way or suddenly, it all depends on their ever changing mood. The passion takes time to build, but when it gets created, both prove to be totally comfortable in each other’s company.
Both get erotic when both arrive in their bedroom and waste no time to start playing bedroom games. He fiddles with her artistic body, full of lust and their intimate games lasts long, reaching an amazing climax. Boredom sets in when both have nothing to explore anymore, but their physical connection keeps asking for more. Both are emotional and adventurous and love exploring these places that has no end.

Sexual Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

Family Compatibility


An Aquarius man has lots of friends and keeps making more, she lacks with the number of her friends, but starts gelling with his friends too. This attitude is admired by her man. Both get on very well with each other’s friends very easily and get curious to know about their feelings. Sometimes this curiosity takes them to another level that they completely forget about their own mate. But it happens very rarely.
She might have different goals from him and might hide them, but her honesty takes over and she discusses them with her man. Both lack the warmth of emotions between them as most of the things that happen in daily routine doesn’t find a place during their conversations. When both share their emotions, both fall madly in love and are ready to raise a family.

Family Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

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Physical Compatibility


Physically he appears a little confusing way of displaying his appearance, introductory glimpse looks like a bisexual man. His physical body matches a boy’s body even after so many years when he becomes a mature man. His head is always tilted to one side and his face has an impression of an impartial man. He has very bright eyes and very lean lips. He is able to impress the crowd that he interacts with.
An Aquarius lady carries nobility with her physical appearance. Her skin color is pale, but her height is above average. She has a strong and stout body with spotless skin, oval shaped face, brown color hair are straight and silky and a mole or a scar on her thighs. Her face is shining with a cheerful look and her blue, grey or green eyes have a mystery and magic in them.

Physical Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

Professional Compatibility


An Aquarius lady has all the patience that is available in this world. She works hard and is not eager to obtain results in a hurry. Money for her is required to meet the basic requirements of people and does not amass it. She can be lucky or unlucky in her fortunes. She needs a man who at least should be as intelligent as she is. She is able to handle her honor.
An Aquarius man is a person who can be found in a crowd and he is in search mood to find something new every day during his life. He deals with hoards of people and he keeps enhancing his circle of friends. He loves the finding new ideas and loves sharing them with his near & dear ones. Come what may, if he makes a promise to someone, he will never break it. Both financially and emotionally, he loves to be a free guy.

Professional Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

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Final Outcome


– Both of them have the same nature, their affair looks planned and mystifying.


– As is their nature both stay aloof initially and stay as friends, not lovers.


– Boredom creeps in their life only when both find nothing new to explore.


– She has less friends than him, she gels with his friends so well that he admires her capacity.

Horoscope Compatibility Score Between Aquarius and Aquarius

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