What is Dashansh Homan

Please read it carefully before applying otherwise it might be harmfull for you

Dashansh Homan is the Ritual Performed To do Vashikaran for Getting the love Back , Resolve husband wife Dispute or to cater any other issues between two Partners.

It Started 4000 years back and has helped many people to achieve best results.

Problems Resolved By Dashansh Homan:-

  • Mainly Used In Vashikaran.
  • Resolve issues between Husband – wife.
  • Resolves issues between GF- BF.
  • To gain Attraction of a Desired Person.
  • To increase or ignite Love in the mind and heart of a Desired Person .

|| कैसे बन सकते है आप भी वशीकरण शक्तियों के बेताज बादशाह और कर सकते है हर किसी को अपने वश में जानने के लिए – क्लिक करे यहाँ ||

Best time and state of performing Dashansh Homan –

  •  Best Time to Perform is Mornig time Before Just Sunrise or just at the time of sunrise.
  • Open Place where there is complete inflow and outflow of fresh air, like ground, park or even terrace of your house.
  • Before Performing this homan, you must have taken bath and girl should not be under mensus period.

Material required In performing Dashansh Homan-

Sandal wood (20 Grams ),  4 Pieces of Camphor, Pure Ghee, Sindoor (Vermilion), Glass Of water, one white Paper, Photo of the desired Person on whom you want to perform Vashikaran, one Red pen, one match box, one box where you can put waste.

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How to Perform Dashnash Homan

  • At morning time after taking bath must go to one place where no one can see.
  • on That Paper write the Name of the Concerned person 199 Times with Red Pen only.
  • Now fold the paper 5 times from the centre, this will make the Paper very small in Size.
  • Tie that paper with Black thread.
  • Read Dashansh Mantra 21 times-

“Om kaleem kalam Kurum Namoh Bhat (Name of the Person ) Liktam Jagdi Kurum mam Vashyam  bavanti Sawah “

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  • Now Mix Vermilion in little bit of water and Make a paste of it.
  • with this paste write the name of the desired person on the Apple.
  • And on that Apple read the above Doshansh Homan Mantra 21 Times.
  • Now mix sandalwood, 4 Pieces of Camphor and deshi Ghee and Burn them.
  • While the above things are burning you will read 21 Times the Doshansh homan.
  • After reading the Mantra, you will rotate the folded paper over your
  • head 25   times in clockwise direction.
  • Once the fire is over, you will put all these things, except apple, in the running water and while putting that in the water must pray to God that my desire should get fulfilled.
  • Once you have come home, you will eat that apple and will take bath one more time but make sure that on that day except that apple you will not eat anything else.

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Precautions while performing Dashansh homan– 
  • Must be started in the morning time only
  • Apple has to be redone
  • Must Be started on Friday.
  • While Performing this, no one should see you and no one should have any information about this that you are performing this.
  • Women should not be do under their menus cycle.
  • Do it care fully otherwise it might harm the other person.

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  • Rosy September 29, 2016   Reply →

    Agar yeah sab karna muskil hai to jaise ki ghar main kabhi akele nahi hote ghar chota sa hai terrace ka to sawal hi nahi uthta , chizo ko jalane se ghar main sab ko baass aayegi log uth jayenge , koi aur tarika jahan sirf padna ho baki kuch bhi nahi

  • sony October 7, 2016   Reply →

    how can one it vermicillion applied on apple..its dangerous for health..

  • sony October 7, 2016   Reply →

    how can one it vermicillion applied on apple..its dangerous for health..pl reply

  • rajinder kaur November 14, 2016   Reply →

    can we miss the burning step? and just do the writing of name and and eating of apple? as i leave in a country outside india so it is difficult to get sandle wood here.

    • Shastri Ji April 6, 2017   Reply →

      No, Burning step is important part of it, without this part Vidhi not work properly

  • Anoop February 5, 2017   Reply →

    Guru Ji Is Vidhi Ko Kitna Din Krna Hai

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