Career and Gemstones

Part of choosing a suitable career path involves making a sincere self-evaluation of your talents, abilities and interests. While rudiments of your path may change over time due to preferences or circumstances, but we should always have in our mind that profession of  a person must be related to the personality of a person.

It does not happen to every one of us that we come across those subjects that we actually like. Because until you learn and master a matter you like, you will never know. Therefore, when students choose the subjects they want to master, it is not entirely because one knows that he or she likes it, it could also be because of parental direction, peer pressure or simply because of market requirement.


Career and Gemstones

Astrology as helping tool

Astrology is a science which can introduce you to yourself. You can estimate your pros and cons very easily. Through this divine science you can opt career which will suit  you. When choosing a career, you’ll try to match your talent and interests with work in certain areas. There won’t be one ideal match — even jobs that sound perfect will probably engage some things in which you are lacking. Here comes the importance of Gemstones. Gemstones can help you in enhancing the factor in which you are lacking. In this article we are discussing different career and gemstone which can help them.


Planet                                    Gemstones                                                            Career Options

Sun                                         Ruby                      Politics, Scientists, Authority, Government employee, Doctors,Administration etc.

Moon                                     Pearl                       Public Dealing, Women and travelling oriented, Cooking, Import/Export

Mars                                       Red Coral              Energy, Metallurgy, Weapons, Defence, Surgeons, Engineers.

Mercury                                 Emerald                 Intellect, Merchandise, Accountants, Transport, Teaching, Writing & Astrologers.

Jupiter                                    Y.Sapphire            Scholars, Advertising, Psychologist, Humanitarian, Finance, Traditional

Venus                                     W.Sapphire           Luxuries, Beauty, Art, Music, Entertainment industry & Hotel industries.

Saturn                                    B.Sapphire            Real Estate, Labour, Mining, Insurance, Private Job, Judiciary.

Rahu                                      Hessonite              Speculation, Physicians, aviation, garbage, waste material.

Ketu                                       Cat’s Eye               Idealism, poisons, enlightenment, religion, metaphysics.


If you belongs to one of the above occupation, in that case wearing a suitable gemstone can help you in achieving great heights. Wearing stone of your moon sign also plays a vital role. Moon represents, your mental state. Strong mental state is very much required in professional growth.



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