Top Three Methods to Control a Man




This method can be implemented if he is your husband/ boyfriend or a friend.


Material required for this method:


(1) Two cloves.


(2) One handful of uncooked rice.


(3) Red cloth.


(4) One handful of Peanuts.


(5) One white candle.


(6) One doll made from cloth.


(7) Red thread.


How to practice the complete method:


(1) First of all tie the Photo of the person on the doll with red thread.


(2) Spread red cloth on the floor.


(3) Put rice on the cloth.


(4) Then put Peanuts on the cloth.


(5) Then light a white candle near the red cloth.


(6) Take two cloves in your right hand.


(7) Now recite the given mantra for 186 times.


|| Mantra: ||


“Om aem rhim klim chamundayai viche|| “


(8) After that blow on the cloves.


(9) Put the cloves on the red cloth.


(10) Cover all the material in the red cloth.


(11) Take it on the bank of the river.


(12) Take out the doll and burry it on the bank of river.


(13) Throw all other material in the river.


(14) Very soon you will see results.


Precautions to be followed:


(1) Practice this method only on Monday.


(2) Use raw peanuts for this method.


(3) Do not wear any black cloth while doing this method.


(4) Never practice this method twice on the same person.




This method can be applied to the man who is your Enemy/ Competitor or any person who does not like you.


You will need given material to practice this method:


(1) One lemon.


(2) Some soil taken from the footstep of the person.


(3) One betel nut.


(4) Seven green Cardamoms.


(5) One handful of salt.


(6) Three incense sticks.


How to apply this method to the person:


(1) Practice this method under the banyan tree.


(2) Dig a pit under the tree.


(3) Now put the soil taken from the footstep of the person in the pit.


(4) Put one handful of salt in the pit.


(5) Now cut the lemon into two pieces.


(6) Place them near the pit.


(7) Light three sticks of incense sticks near the pit.


(8) Now recite the given mantra for 111 times.


|| Mantra: ||


“Om namo bhagwate vishwamitraya namaha
Sarvaamukhibhyam vishwamitragyamatiagachh swahaa “


(9) Take seven cardamoms and one betel nut in your hands.


(10) Take seven rounds of the pit.


(11) Then put the cardamoms and betel nut in the pit.


(12) Cover the pit with the soil.


(13) Now squeeze both the pieces of lemon on the pit.


(14) Hit the top of the pit three times with your right foot.


Precautions to be followed while practicing this method:


(1) Practice this method on no moon night.


(2) Do not use damaged or dry cardamoms for the method.


(3) Do not reveal anything about the method to any one.




This method can be used on that person who is not doing your any particular work like you can apply this method to your boss, teacher, employee, neighbor or on whom you don’t know or just met once.


Material required for this method:


(1) One betel leaf.


(2) Some turmeric powder.


(3) Gangajal.


(4) Chandan powder.


(5) Red thread.


(6) One earthen lamp.


How to practice this method on any person:


(1) First of all mix some turmeric powder chanson powder and few drops of Gangajal.


(2) Now write the name of the person on the betel leaf using first finger of right hand as the pen and this mixture as the ink.


(3) Then roll the leaf.


(4) Tie red thread on it.


(5) Now put it on the ground.


(6) Light earthen lamp near the leaf.


(7) Enchant the given Mantra for 101 times.


|| Mantra: ||


“Om Kleeng Gyaninampee Chetansi Devi Bhagwati Hi Saa,
Baladakrishya Mohay Mahamaya Prayachhati”


(8) Now blow on the leaf.


(9) Throw the leaf in the roundabout.


Precautions to be followed:


(1) Practice this method on Saturday after the sunset.


(2) Use only green betel leaf for the method.


(3) Write complete name of the person on the leaf.


(4) Throw the leaf in the roundabout nearest the home of the person.


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