Black magic fire spell

Black Magic fire spell , Really Strong.

Black magic spell is not new and in our daily life we fail to realize the spells performed. There are some who know about the black magic spell and the city bred people may have very little knowledge. Fire is a part of human life and human beings have being doing everything keeping fire as the proof, be it a hymn or a marriage or some yagna. In the same way black magic fire spell casted is also very strong and the wishes or prayers done do not go unheard.

The black magic fire spell is an extraordinary sensation that allows you tapping and bringing into control the other person without messing around. This ritual is not very new. This is in practice and in the minds of human beings. In fact, the fire spell is more powerful and is done considering something negative. Performing the fire spells could be done on anything for that matter. It can be done using a bowl of san or even on a safe surface. There is no reason to look for outdoors or some big vacant space.

The black magic fire spell is mostly done at night times. However, there should be absolute peace and harmony in the place where you decide doing this fire spell. However, if you have installed in your house a smoke detector, it is best to first put it off before you begin the fire spell. You can also open a window for the best purpose so that the smoke taking your intent or prayers reaches the heavens.

You may collect twigs that dry and burn easily. Use different wood types to ensure good smoke is produced. You can add herbs such as bay leaves, sage, lavender, rosemary, pine needles and eucalyptus tree leaves. However, consult Pt. RK Shastri so that you do the black magic fire spell appropriately with proper guidance.

There are different ways of performing the black magic fire spell such as:

Light the fire, think that you wish to have and look into the flames. Remember thinking that you want must be done deeply. This will allow the flames directly to hypnotize you and this spell can be casted on the desire you wish.


Take a bowl with fire; add twigs and herbs so that the fire flames are burning for some time. You will see the smoke rising powerfully and this is the right time you must say your desire or intent and pray. Your desire will be fulfilled.

One thing you must do is while offering the prayers show a sign of respect to fire. Do not throw rupees in the fire, instead add rose oil few drops or some ghee. This is optional because the fire in the first place ensures the powers and appreciates your sincere attention.

Performing black magic fire spell is a tough task. It involves more purity of thoughts and intention. As well known fire is natural and is considered as God. It is used in the best of the thoughts, but also to perform magic spell. Anything said by the side of the fire has got a special power and strength. One such mantra is:

Yagna Mein (Your name) Saaksh AB (the other person’s name) Vaash Mein ho, Maanichha Puri Th Swaahaa.

This must be done as fire spell by sitting on a yellow mat and the mantra should be said for 501 times. It must also be said 101 times for 51 days before going to bed.

For more details, you can consult Pt. RK Shastri; he will give you authentic ways of performing magic fire spells.

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