Love spells

Love spell kindles romantic desires

Love spells are the spells that promote love and they have a significant place as they are found to be effective. The love spells, like any other spell must be cast correctly so that it does not harm the client or the caster. In fact, the love spells repair any relationships broken, attract true love and also steer a long friendship into the direction of love and romance.

Some people claim love spells deprive the free will and this indicates their ignorance. If you check with any expert spell caster such as Pt RK Shastri he will help you in doing a perfect spell and also keep you away from the spell nature.

  • The romance spells are very specific and they work in bringing the love that is within a person. These spells work as a tool in increasing the love and also increases the key attraction like a magnet between two individuals.
  • Thus it creates spiritual or energetic link. Even if two people realize that they are more attracted, it is not going to change their free will.
  • Every individual has the liberty to like or avoid another person. But, if two people are attracted, the love spell helps and these people in love do not try to avoid as they also wish this love to happen.

Countless people have tried the love spell and it cannot be tried all alone without the consultation of experts such as Pt RK Shastri. However, the love spell is safe and does not harm anyone. The love spells are helpful, safe and brings positive changes in people who are in true love. It brings true love to the extent that it can help you steer a nice friendship and slowly steer it into a romantic direction.

The fact cannot be denied that it is not advisable to compel someone by using love spells. Such things do not work and if its works does not sustain a healthy relationship.

  • The love spells are effective only when both the people show true attraction for each other.
  • There may be situations when two lovers have parted and in such cases the love spells work as it is the true love that is trying to approach.
  • Even people receptive to love may get the right love attraction naturally. The love spells are suitable to please the romantic desires.

Using love spells is effective when you wish to win a person who loves you, but if it not the same, it is unethical and can result in negative effects on the person casting the love spell. These spells live to their claims only for a specific period of time. So it is a must to be cautious while casting love spell. The negative energies may control a person for a time, but with the completion of the time the caster of the spell will get affected. It cancels the love rules fundamentals that are created on admiration, mutual respect and for the companionship need.

There are love spells in different kinds ranging from simple and pure ones to using elaborate rituals, magic spells and charms. There are love spells that clear misunderstanding among friends or lovers, rejuvenate a sour love life, attracts ones dreams and increases the magnetism of sex.

Magical love spells direct energy to the mind and keeps you bound for a certain period. The casting spell philosophy is based on the attraction law and the universal energy principle. When it is mixed with beliefs and practices by experts such as Pt RK Shastri, they have the ability to control a person using this magic. You can get clarifications from Pt RK Shastri by consulting him.

Love Problem Solution

Love Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services

Marriage Problem Solution

Marriage Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Child Problem Solution

Child Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Visa Problem Solution

Visa Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Rajeev Sharma

Rajeev Sharma

No doubt Shastri ji is have a very deep knowledge of Astrology, we are in his contact for the last eight years and all the problems of our family are solved with his guidance he is our family Astrologer.

Rajeev Sharma - (Canada)

Rajeev Sharma - (Canada)

I was in love with a girl. We were studying together but I was unable to get her love. Even I proposed her many times but she always ignored me. Then I met Pt.R.K.Shastri ji and my life was changed I got the love of that girl and we are married now.

Simple Remedies for Black Magic

Simple Remedies for Black Magic Keep it Away

Black magic, a very ethical question is that is it bad? Actually, it involves around casting favor to romance spell. In fact, considering it brings two people in love together, if they are separated due to some reason. When combined with love spell, this dark magic creates a strong combination and thus you win over the lost love or beloved. This is the power of the black magic spell of love that is effective and powerful.

Some spells fall in the category of black magic love, but is used to help people in love. but at the same time there are some black magic spells of love that are used to terminate a relationship or even enhance the quality of love between a couple by generating the attraction by chanting some mantra and following a process pronounced by expert such as Pt. RK Shastri. In fact, Pandit RK Shastri has helped rekindle relationship and healthy marriage spells, made people fall in the spells of love and such spells include enchanted objects such as witchcraft, voodoo dolls and incantation. These objects are not always meant to do negative things or to spread a negative environment.

Practicing black magic love spell means you have to perform it with undivided seriousness. You must give your concentration to hundred percent. Keep yourself free at that time from all negative thoughts and then plunge into the black magic love spell. Also remember to have complete faith in the spell. The bottom line is to pay attention and to be sincere if you are trying such spells. And most spells are effective because they tested formulas.

There are simple remedies for black magic. It is not very easy to get anyone to save you from such magic, but if you consult Pt RK Shastri he will give you simple remedies for black magic and ensure you are safe. The fact cannot be denied that normally black magic is done by someone very close to you, may be a friend, relative or lover. This meant stay alert if you have the slightest doubt.

Few other simple remedies for black magic include:

  • Worshipping your family deity, your kuldevi. It will keep you protected from such evils.
  • Avoid even bringing any negative thoughts to your mind
  • Make yourself strong by doing meditation daily
  • Avoid eating with people whom you find suspicious
  • Keep distance from smoking and liquor

After all these there is a special Utara. The utara refers to bringing down the black magic done on you. You can take a lemon, pour kumkum on the lemon and rotate it 51 times from head to feet, cut it into 4 pieces and throw it in a dirty place.

Few other effective simple remedies include:

  • Chanting gayatri mantra after sunset for 108 times
  • Take Bilva patra leaf on Mondays and offer it with water on shiv linga. If possible byheart the Maha Mrityunjaya Mantra and chant it 108 time for 51 days, there will be no sight of black magic near you.
  • You may read the Ashthak of Hanuman and it also will keep you protected from such black magic. You can light a dhoop and a ghee lamp as a sign of purity.


Simple remedies for black magic also include doing it on Amavas day.  You can bring down the black magic that is the remedy using an egg. Likewise, if you happen to find lemon, nails, turmeric or rai near your house, throw it immediately in the dustbin. Likewise, to overcome the black magic problem, consult PT RK Shastri who can guide you rightly and save your life.

Love Problem Solution

Love Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services

Marriage Problem Solution

Marriage Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Child Problem Solution

Child Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Visa Problem Solution

Visa Problem Solution

Astrologer R.K. Shastri is a world famous astrologer who has been helping people in getting what they desire for, with multiple services.

Rajeev Sharma

Rajeev Sharma

No doubt Shastri ji is have a very deep knowledge of Astrology, we are in his contact for the last eight years and all the problems of our family are solved with his guidance he is our family Astrologer.

Rajeev Sharma - (Canada)

Rajeev Sharma - (Canada)

I was in love with a girl. We were studying together but I was unable to get her love. Even I proposed her many times but she always ignored me. Then I met Pt.R.K.Shastri ji and my life was changed I got the love of that girl and we are married now.

Black magic fire spell

Black Magic fire spell , Really Strong.

Black magic spell is not new and in our daily life we fail to realize the spells performed. There are some who know about the black magic spell and the city bred people may have very little knowledge. Fire is a part of human life and human beings have being doing everything keeping fire as the proof, be it a hymn or a marriage or some yagna. In the same way black magic fire spell casted is also very strong and the wishes or prayers done do not go unheard.

The black magic fire spell is an extraordinary sensation that allows you tapping and bringing into control the other person without messing around. This ritual is not very new. This is in practice and in the minds of human beings. In fact, the fire spell is more powerful and is done considering something negative. Performing the fire spells could be done on anything for that matter. It can be done using a bowl of san or even on a safe surface. There is no reason to look for outdoors or some big vacant space.

The black magic fire spell is mostly done at night times. However, there should be absolute peace and harmony in the place where you decide doing this fire spell. However, if you have installed in your house a smoke detector, it is best to first put it off before you begin the fire spell. You can also open a window for the best purpose so that the smoke taking your intent or prayers reaches the heavens.

You may collect twigs that dry and burn easily. Use different wood types to ensure good smoke is produced. You can add herbs such as bay leaves, sage, lavender, rosemary, pine needles and eucalyptus tree leaves. However, consult Pt. RK Shastri so that you do the black magic fire spell appropriately with proper guidance.

There are different ways of performing the black magic fire spell such as:

Light the fire, think that you wish to have and look into the flames. Remember thinking that you want must be done deeply. This will allow the flames directly to hypnotize you and this spell can be casted on the desire you wish.


Take a bowl with fire; add twigs and herbs so that the fire flames are burning for some time. You will see the smoke rising powerfully and this is the right time you must say your desire or intent and pray. Your desire will be fulfilled.

One thing you must do is while offering the prayers show a sign of respect to fire. Do not throw rupees in the fire, instead add rose oil few drops or some ghee. This is optional because the fire in the first place ensures the powers and appreciates your sincere attention.

Performing black magic fire spell is a tough task. It involves more purity of thoughts and intention. As well known fire is natural and is considered as God. It is used in the best of the thoughts, but also to perform magic spell. Anything said by the side of the fire has got a special power and strength. One such mantra is:

Yagna Mein (Your name) Saaksh AB (the other person’s name) Vaash Mein ho, Maanichha Puri Th Swaahaa.

This must be done as fire spell by sitting on a yellow mat and the mantra should be said for 501 times. It must also be said 101 times for 51 days before going to bed.

For more details, you can consult Pt. RK Shastri; he will give you authentic ways of performing magic fire spells.

Black magic love spell

Claim your love with Black Magic Love Spell

Love is a pathway where most people get their destination appropriately. Loving a person and maintaining it peacefully is not easy, it is quite difficult. This is the only way where any person expresses ideas, thoughts, emotions, feeling and above all it needs a lot of understanding to sustain the relation in a good condition. However, sometimes things happen in a different way and at such times considering black magic love spell is indispensable.

Love spells are used normally by people to save their relation. This is common between married couple or in lovers. Generally, the love spell is used for positive reasons such as improving the relation between a couple or lovers or putting a stop to misunderstandings and disputes. Availing such facility of service such as black magic love spell is possible only with Pt. RK Shastri, the black magic expert.

Love is a simple, sweet and natural feeling. True love cannot be expressed or narrated.  However, without this thought, it is impossible for anyone to lead a life of happiness. There are many who truly love each other, but some situations make the love life miserable. The beautiful love that existed few days back in lovers or a couple may have resulted in hatred, ignorance and annoyance. It is a big problem when a person puts lots of efforts and is unable to get a proper solution such that he gets his lover or his or her beloved partner back. This is the time to consider black magic love spell and to get the desired love.

A very strong belief is that the black magic love spell makes your dream lover reach you. It helps in attaining and accomplishing your love life happily. Pandit RK Shastri is an expert and so while doing this mantra or tantra, do not hesitate to consult him and pay serious attention to his sayings and the procedure. Nowadays, these love spells are in demand as it is found to be effective.

Black Magic Love Spell includes one such spell such as:

Start on the amavasya day by mixing essential oil few drops, strawberry juice one small glass, 2 cloves and honey 2 table spoons. Heat all these in simmer and cool it with patience. You may store it also in the refrigerator. You have to wait for the right moment and opportunity. Once you find this, give it to your lover in a glass and you also can have the same. You will notice both of you jumping with hot passion. Remember this drink must not be taken by any other person.

Black Magic Love Spell also includes another spell such as during the full moon time, you can ignite passion and love. You can do this by mixing together dried herbs and rosemary 3 spoons with honey and keep it near the window such that the full moon night glow falls on it. On the amavasya day evening, boil the herbs in water, add lemon juice and honey one teaspoon. You and your lover or partner can have it together and you will see the transformation time. It will be all yours. 

Black magic is certainly an occult practice, but the fact is enjoyed that desired alterations is brought in the physical world. The black magic instills a deep romance and love in lovers or couple that it is referred to as Black magic love spell.

The object of being in love and receiving reciprocation of feelings is a must. If not, consult Pt. RK Shastri for solution. He will guide you to the mantra and tantra, besides give you a clear guideline of the process.

Indian black magic lust spell

Quench your lust thirst with Indian Black Magic Lust Spell

Black magic is used by people when they are jealous of the peace and happiness of others. The Indian black magic lust spell is effective in case you have a feeling that the intimacy of love between your partner and you has vanished. This spell will induce the euphoric lust and sexual attraction that both of you will come very closer and share an intimate relationship as never before. There are powerful Indian black magic lust spell that can give you the best of the pleasure than you can imagine. However, you cannot take it in your hands on your own. Consulting experts such as Pt. RK Shastri is a must to know how the mantras, tantras or yantras are used and when to say the mantra, how to do and the complete process.

Indian black magic lust spell is helpful when you feel you have lost everything in life. It brings back the power in your and handles the situation completely. The victims will feel completeness in him or her after the black magic spell and this is because the magic converts a person into that he or she wants by giving the desired for which they perform the black magic spell.

Indian black magic lust spell is effective and very powerful. This is for ‘Sambhog Sukh’ which means for the sex lust and Pt. RK Shastri offers the definite solution as he is an expert in black magic spell and knows all the tantra, mantra and yantra that are also referred to as jadoo, totka or tona. People are getting benefited with such knowledge and innovative ideas and enjoy the power of lust spell.

The Indian black magic lust spell works fast and offers good results favorable. One such highly powerful spell is:

Ainn Shvlree Kilhnn kr kilhn kr pishaachh AMUKhI(your beloveds name) kaam Graaha, Sapne maam rope nakhee Vidharyaa dravyaa dravyaa radh mein banddhaaye shreen faath swaahaa

This is a black magic spell ritual that is to be done at night times only. Find a lonely silent place before starting this powerful spell. Your face should be in the north and say your beloveds name when the word Amukhi comes. You have to say this 321 times before the sunrise and for 51 days. While doing this you must have a feel of having sex so that your mind is filled with desire. It is best done nude. This mantra is powerful that you will have your love in your bed.

Actually, there are many powerful, miraculous and strange magical spells. They belong to the shabar mantra. These may be available anywhere, but it is of no use until you do not learn it from the right expert such as Pt RK Shastri, who also deals in a professional style.

Making a woman or a man desire you in the evening after the sunset means you have to think of the person only and light the candle. However, if the lust you feel for the person is very high, you can consult the experts and do the magic spell as per their guidance. The magic spells for lust or sex needs to be done with patience and belief to see the actual result.

Man is born to enjoy riches and pleasure. So there is no reason for you to kill your lust or desire of living with someone you love. Sex is a god given pleasure and must be enjoyed by all. However, if you face problems, you can consult Pt RK Shastri and quench your thirst. Pt. RK Shastri will guide and give perfect solutions to your problems.

Indian black magic spell

Indian Black Magic Spell Brings Love Back

Is there anyone not believing the black magic spell? Regardless of whether one is an Indian or a foreigner, it is difficult to say that people are absolutely free from the beliefs of black magic spell or from superstitions.  Everyone becomes a victim one time or the other of such baseless conviction, though it is the age of science, technology and scientific thinking. The Indians believe superstition and also in the Indian black magic spell.

The reason is that as one becomes a victim, the fear of losing something valuable or the anxiety caused of not owning a person or the fear of becoming a failure results in looking for Indian black magic spell. This happens when a person loses confidence in meeting a situation and considers the luck to be unfavorable.  In the past going and visiting a black magic or vashikaran expert such as Pt. RK Shastri means calculating the traveling time and the mode of transport was essential. Today with the internet age, everything is available online.

Indian black magic spell is also referred to as ‘Kalaa Jadoo’. This is a magic type that many people fear for unknown reasons. Actually, the fact is that the magic is good and bad, such as white and black magic spells. The colors represent the specialties. Magic is the same, the identity is the color. However, the black magic spell is the one that is in high demand among people for love and money spells that fall in the black magic spell category.

The Indian black magic spell is also referred to as ‘Bad Magic’. It is believed to be used for destruction. But this thought is completely not agreeable as now the black magic expert or the vashikaran expert offer such black magic spells to unite couples and lovers. This is a united approach and is overwhelming. This black magic spell is casted to bring a person or a lover back to his people, family and children. A person goes away from his beloved or family due to some curse and is struggling, but with the help of Pt. RK Shastri, the expert, you can bring him or her out safely and lead a happy life.

The Indian black magic spell ensures the pleasure of life as per the desire of a person. The full moon and the new moon days have a special place in such magic spell performance. However, you as an individual should not try any mantra, tantra or yantra puja process without proper knowledge or expert guidance. Even chanting the mantra must be practiced so that you do not pronounce it wrongly. If you have difficulty in pronouncing it, make a note of it in your preferred language, but the fact does not change that you have to recite it perfectly to get that you desire for.

The belief of Indian black magic spell cannot be evaded completely. This is because people always fear the thought of losing something or someone very close to the heart.  Everyone wants a blissful life and a happy married partner or lover. However, unfortunately, sometimes things work against each other and all of a sudden within a short period of time the very two lovers or good couples start distancing and this call for the black magic spell. This is done so that the lover or the boyfriend or girlfriend, wife or husband is back.

The black magic spell is certainly very powerful and is used in India for many numbers of years to get love back. The inconvenience of waiting is not appreciated by anyone and so if you really mean to get back happiness to your life, consult Pt. RK Shastri, the black magic expert.

Powerful black magic spell

Powerful black magic spell Is truly very Powerful

Magic is well known from the ancient times and is in two types, white and black magic. Nevertheless, both the types of magic are performed since ages. The white magic is used to have a positive effect, but the black magic has a negative aspect. However, black magic and love spells in combination are regarded to be a very strong combination. This is because the powerful black magic spell creates wonders in the matters that are related to love related matters.

Powerful black magic spell always has a special place and is prominent for its love spells. In fact, it can be perfectly used for love spells and has a positive approach. These black magic spells are used to protect or to get back the love lost or the lovers who are away for various reasons. These powerful mantras, tantras and the yantras have a special power and are rightly handled only by experts such as Pt. RK Shastri. People refer the black magic to remove dark clouds that has negative influences on your life so that there is a white spell all around.

The love spells of black magic involves witchcraft and also a lot of voodoo dolls. The key point is that it is involved to cast on a person the black magic love spell. For instance:

AUM HUM (Your name) VASH MEIN LAANA (your lovers/wife/husband/ girl or boyfriend name) ABHI THH SWAAHAA

This mantra must be chanted 108 times for 101 days early in the morning before you have anything and once before going to bed. Nothing should cloud your mind except the person you want to be yours with you. Performing this chanting perfectly will surely fulfill your wishes.

The powerful black magic spell mantra cannot be simply recited. It is best you consult an expert such as Pt RK Shastri. He will guide you in doing this mantra and also inform you the power of the tantra or mantra.  Likewise, even the black magic procedure is completely based on the energy levels.  The spells are to have healthy relation in marriage, to reunite lost lovers, to improve love relation, to get back love that is now away from you, attract a person and make him or her love you, and so on. The spells serve different reasons and so come in various types and are done also in different ways.

Powerful black magic spell also includes the break up spells, gay spells and sex or lust spells. The break up spells are done to end the relationship so that the lovers are separated permanently and they do not trouble or interfere others lives. They live like two unknown people or as good friends they part. The gat spells help lesbian and gay people to fall in love, but on the other hand lust spells assists in enhancing the sex appeal between lovers.

There are numerous powerful black magic spells offered by Pt RK Shastri through various websites. People can receive these spells from experts, but consultation cannot be ignored. This is because only when you consult the black magic or vashikaran expert, PT RK Shastri, you can know how to follow a process to get that you desire. Bringing a person under your control is not possible overnight. It is not any child’s play. It has to be done with sincerity, fear and pious mind. You have to follow the path and rules of the expert and so crossing the line in any way without the consent of Panditji is harmful.

If you have doubts or wish to seek the right guideline of following the magic spell, consult PT. RK Shastri.

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Black magic for boyfriend

Consult Experts for Black magic for Boyfriend


Relationship becomes very strong between friends, especially when they love each other. The girl and the boy have a special bond felt between them. In case due to bad luck or fate, your boyfriend is not with you right now, surely the sorrows of the girlfriend will get doubled. It will be the bad time of her life. But, now you need not worry as the black magic for boyfriend will work to your favor.


|| अगर आपका कोई सवाल है तो नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स में पूछ सकते है ||


The black magic for boyfriend is spiritual powers. It includes the tantras, mantras and yantras. They are handled only by specialists of experts of black magic or vashikaran such as Pt. RK Shastri.  Such experts have good knowledge about the negative powers affecting the welfare of some people.  Conversely, many now are aware of the black magic and its efficiencies. This is because it has helped many people come out of the sorrow state of mind and has resolved many obstacles of life.


is helpful as it has brought the lover back to the girlfriend and has soothed the broken heart of the girlfriends. The black magic relates to saying some mantra. This should be done with a pious mind and full concentration. Your thought must be very strong to enjoy the effectiveness. The dedication you show in getting your love back will prove its effectiveness.


|| गोमती चक्र के 10 चमत्कारी रहस्य जो कर देगें आपकी हर इच्छा पूरी – जानने के लिए क्लिक करे यहाँ ||


|| mantra ||




Chanting this mantra sitting on a white piece of cloth for 1108 times for 51 days is a must. You must mix pure jaggery (gur) and channa and make it energized. Once it is energized, put tika that is in front of your god on your forehead. Keep the gur and channa; your boyfriend will be in your control soon. At that time sit with him and share the energized gur and channa. He will be with you forever.


|| दुनिआ के 5 सबसे खतरनाक और असरदार वशीकरण मंत्र जो कर देंगे हर किसी को वश में – जानने के लिए क्लिक करे यहाँ ||


Astrology is a science that tells you about many things possible in your life or that has happened. But, only with black magic you can try getting your loved people back. This is known to knowledgeable vashikaran experts such as Pt. RK Shastri. If you have some problem with your boyfriend such that he is ignoring you suddenly and flirting with some other girl or even if he is trying to be very silent with you, it will be troubling you. In such situations, you may consult such black magic or vashikaran expert. They will surely show you the true path to love.


There are mantras, yantras and tantras. All these have great powers and can be highly effective when they are used properly. The effectiveness will be apparent only when you say the mantra or perform the puja properly. The black magic for boyfriend will have a lasting effect, if the mantra is done with the consultation of experts such as Pt. RK Shastri.  They are masters of astrology, vashikaran, black magic and more. They are also renowned for their techniques of vashikaran.


|| क्या आप पुत्र संतान की प्राप्ति चाहते है तो ये मंतर कर देगा आपकी इच्छा पूरी – जानने के लिए क्लिक करे यहाँ ||


The method used by such experts is unique and helps in solving problems. It can bring a person into control with the mantras. One such black magic for boyfriend mantra is:


|| mantra ||




This is a strong mantra that must be chanted by the girlfriend if she wants her boyfriend back. However, it must be done sitting in a red mat using the rosary beads. It must be chanted 108 times for 71 days. She must sit facing the east and must use white color rosary beads. On doing this she will find her boyfriend back with full of love.


Whatever is the situation, it is best to consult Pt RK Shastri and recite the mantra or do the magic ritually. He has a good knowledge and will relate you to proper tantras and mantras.


|| अगर आपका कोई सवाल है तो नीचे कमेंट बॉक्स में पूछ सकते है ||


Black magic for girlfriend

Learn how to do Black Magic for Girlfriend

The time frame prior to marriage is the best period. This is the time when the girlfriend and boyfriend get to understand each other and find the meaning of having a relationship. This is the time they also plan to stay together all their life.  However, all the relations or journey of life is filled with ups and downs. This results in issues and there is a need for the relation to be sustained by using black magic for girlfriend, if she is away from you. This is required to solve the dispute, small or big.

The effort to get the partner, the girlfriend back is now best done by using the black magic for girlfriend mantra.   There is strength in the mantra, yantra and tantra. It offers the required remedy when followed as per expert’s sayings. The black magic for girlfriend must be done with proper consultation from a specialist, so that you get your girlfriend back. She should come to you will all her love and care to make your life perfect.

The black magic for girlfriend can be retained for a longer period. In fact, you can hold your girlfriend for the entire life, but the mantra expected to be done should be done in a prompt and perfect manner with the consultation of experts such as Pt RK Shastri.   You should not lose hope if your girlfriend is annoyed or walks away from you, the breakup point should not be given a though immediately. Instead, you must consult experts so that they teach you the tantra or mantra to get back your girlfriend.

In every love phase, there will be a situation when the love will seem to have disappeared. On the other hand, in some cases the boyfriend or the girl friend may find someone else friendlier. This is sure to cause a rift in both. In such situations using the black magic for girlfriend is effective to bring her back to you and your love is a must. One such effective mantra is:

Aum Mein (Your name) Vash Mein Karna (girlfriend’s name) Chahath Swaaha

This must be done by the boy friend where he should try this by somehow taking the girls hair a little and keep it tied in a red cloth. He must chant this mantra for 108 times for 108 days. It will bring a change in the girlfriend and she will come back to her boyfriend. Once she comes to you take this hair tied in a red cloth and leave it in some river.

Problems will always be coming, be it your family, wife, relations or girlfriend. It is the right time you must consult Pt. RK Shastri. You can learn the black magic for girlfriend from him and cast the spell energetically. This will ensure peace and happiness.  The tantra, mantra and yantras are powerful when it is handled by experts and so whenever you need to perform any black magic or vashikaran, you must not try it without guidance. You must consult experts to be on the safer side. One such strong mantra is:


Chanting this mantra for 51 days before taking food in the night is a must. You must take a bath and repeat this mantra in front of the food for 1108 times. This makes the food highly energized. Now, think of your girlfriend and have the food. This energy in your thought will bring her back to you.

There may be doubts regarding reciting the mantra or the procedure, you need not waste your time. Instead, contact Pt RK Shastri he will help you.

Black magic for wife

Black Magic for Wife Confirms love Forever

Black magic is practiced for the well being of the masses. This occult magic is followed for the humanity sake. In fact,even technological science is subjugated for the development and betterment of humanity. Likewise, magical science also has equal priority. This is apparent in tantra, yantra and mantra that brings back love to people, closes enmity and ensures peace and prosperity.

Family is above everything in life. Everyone wishes to have the support of the family and to control everything. However, sometimes things go out of control such as your wife does not look to be interested in you or your activities. If so, consult a black magic specialist and do black magic for wife. These are not any evil magic tricks. It is used only to bring control on your wife and to lead a happy life.

Generally, the basic thing is family members share a special bonding of love. Husband and wife fight and after sometime makeup for the loss time and live with each other peacefully. The essence of a lovable family is the sharing, caring and love, but if this is not available, the family is incomplete. This lack of mutual love and incompatibility may be due to some evil eye on the family. Using black magic for wife will cure and keep your family protected from bad energies and ill people.

You can cleanse your soul and mind with the black magic method because if you are under some evil tricks you lose the power to act or responds in a natural way. In fact, you become victims to evil magic. Black magic spells cast evil magic. These spells are based on their effectiveness and functionality. The spells are magic and so must be chanted with correct spellings. A metal form is used as yantra and this is expected to be kept in front while chanting these spells. The magic yantra is really powerful and can play wonders. There is black magic for wife which is very pure and offers a soothing impact. One such very powerful mantra is:


The mantra gets power if this is recited one lac times on any eclipse day or Holi. This can be done on other days also. It should be done by putting the hair of your wife in front of you whom you wish to bring under control, and chant the mantra one lac times. Your wife will be under your control.

In case you are deprived of care, love, affection and attention from your wife, you have to get it back using black magic for wife.  This mantra helps getting back and the magical spells are really powerful and effective in bringing your wife back even after a big misunderstanding or a fight.

Principally, black magic for wife is utilized largely to get back the lost love. People wishing a peaceful matrimony adopt this type of black magic, mantra, yantra and vashikaran love spells. The ultimate reason is that they wish to have their love back and there is no more distances created between couples. One such robust mantra is:


In this mantra, you have to keep your wife’s cloth and get the cloth energized by saying the mantra 108 times for 101 days.  Your wife will come to you forever.

This is a very powerful black magic for wife mantra and must be recited perfectly. If you have any doubts, do not waste time. Call Pt. RK Shastri and get the mantra properly recited and also the way of doing this mantra.