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    Scientifically, astrology is the study of celestial bodies and how these bodies influence the human deeds and natural environment on earth. But for many, astrology is the eye of wisdom. It makes us look beyond the situation and consider it as an opportunity to grow. Indian people turn towards astrology only when they face bad times. Because it is natural tendency of human mind to blame itself or others.

    Astrology holds its history back to the 2nd millennium BCE. A form of astrology was practiced on the first dynasty of Mesopotamia (1950-1651BCE), while Chinese astrology was established in Zhou Dynasty (1046-256 BCE).
    Most of the people know about astrology as a “sign”, which actually refers to one of the 12 constellations of the Zodiac. This creates a sun sign astrology which forms the basis of newspaper horoscopes.

    Sun sign astrology is so limited, that it produces limited results, as we require nothing more than a person’s birth date in order to generate a sun sign horoscope. When a person desires to obtain more accurate results, the astrologers check to see the sign each planet was at the time of birth. These planets and signs are then combined with other elements (commonly referred as houses and angles) to produce a complex and specific profile of persons life and future.

    Astrology, many a times, has been classified depending upon the type of predictions it makes. For an instance, if a national leader wishes to predict about national affairs, wars and economics, then it would be referred to as Mundane Astrology.

    Natal and Interrogatory are also a kind of astrology’s. The former seeks to produce predictions on the basis of a person’s date of birth. While the latter seeks to make predictions or analysis regarding the objectives of events of a subjects life.

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    The concepts and beliefs of astrology have been rejected by scientific community due to its inability of having an explanatory power for describing the universe. Till date, many scientific tests were conducted on astrology, but none of them found any evidence that supports astrological traditions. Many believe that the continued belief in astrology demonstrates low scientific literacy, as there is no proposed mechanism of action by which position of celestial bodies could affect events and people on earth.

    There exists a criterion, called as criterion of falsifiablilty, which was proposed by an Austrian-British philosopher Sir Karl Raimund Popper. Under this criterion, astrology is regarded as pseudoscience.

    In India, astrology has spread its wings to each and every part. We can find astrologers hosting their personal television shows and some even sitting on roadside. It has become merely a con-business, which has concerned government and socially responsible NGO’s. But what really needs to be stopped is the torture some astrologers do to the people and, Common man should be encouraged to work hard in order to earn a living rather than falling prey to astrologers

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