Children problem solution


What are those Children problems that need Astrological solutions ??




If a couple is unable to give birth to a child after one or two years of marriage then they visit doctors to get their problem solved. If there is any physical problem then it is resolved by medical procedures but sometimes the couple is declared physically fit to conceive then Astrological advice is must.




Couple must practice Santaan Gopal Mantra to have a child it is very powerful Mantra that can remove all the hurdles and obstacles coming in the way of pregnancy.




It is seen that even the couple is physically fit and they successfully conceive a baby but some how they have to face miscarriage. Such problem can also be resolved by Astrology because if couple is getting success in conceiving but their delivery of the baby fails such happens due to the Planetary positions in the horoscopes of the couple.


Lady must give white eatable to Cow every day


Evil eye


In some cases woman cannot have a baby just because she becomes the target of Evil eye. Cunning people and the person who hates that woman use to practice evil kind of things on the newly wedded woman so she fails to conceive. She will not be able to taste the fruit of motherhood till evil eye is removed from her. Astrology provides the methods by which it can be checked that what kind of evil thing is practiced and the methods to remove it.


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To protect your womb from evil eye and things lady must recite Garbhrakshak Mantra for 21 times.


||Garbhrakshak Mantra:||


“Namo Devyai Maha Devyai Durgaayai Satatam Namaha ||
Putra Sowkhyam Dehidehi Garbharakshaam Kurushvanaha ||”


Stubborn child


When parents get annoyed with the habits and attitude of their child because everybody his teachers, neighbours, relatives, friends and even family members usually complains for his behaviour. By analysing the horoscope of the person Astrologer find out the reason and solve it by suing Astrological remedy.


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Let the Child offer Jaggery to Cow every Friday.


Bad company of the child


When any child falls in a bad company and starts taking drugs then parents face very difficult situations. Their child steals money from home and abuse family members, he spoils the whole atmosphere at home. Such problem can be handled easily by using remedies available in the Astrology.


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Take some milk in a Bowl and put it under the bed where your child use to sleep and in the early morning offer that milk to a black Dog.


Child not interested in studies


Some children don’t pay any heeds towards their studies. Parents are aware with the importance of studies so they don’t want that their child miss any opportunity. To mend such child his or her natal chart is verified and problem is solved by using Astrological remedy.




Light a earthen lamp everyday in the evening under the Banyan tree.


Painless and problem free delivery of child


Giving birth to new born is really a very complicated task sometimes mother has to face very critical medical issues. But all the pains and problems can be avoided during the time of delivery of the child by taking Astrological consultation.


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Mix two spoons of unboiled milk in the water with which your child take bath.


Protection of Womb from evil things


It is common among the people that they cannot see that person happy whom they hate. So some people practice Black magic kind of things on others. If the woman who is pregnant becomes the target of such practice will have to face miscarriage or other such complications and she will not be able to successfully deliver a baby.




Lady must wear bangle made from Asht Dhaatu on her right hand.


To make dull child smarter


Some children are not as smart as other children they take some time to learn and understand things. Such children are also slow in studies and other activities. To make such children sharper and smarter Astrology can play vital role.


Child must recite Gayatri Mantra for at least one time a day.


For the welfare of the child


To attain health and good luck for your child you can follow specific remedies present in the Astrology. By using these remedies your child will remain healthy and attain success.


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For best career of your child


Parents consider the Astrology to choose best career of their child. By researching the natal horoscope of the child it can be known that in which field that child will shine. The capacities of the child are learned from his horoscope and accordingly career choice is suggested.


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What Astrology can suggest you about your child??


1. You can learn that when you are going to have child.


2. How many children you will have after marriage.


3. Why a lady is not conceiving?


4. Why couple is having delay in pregnancy?


5. Which career will be best for the child?


6. What are the strengths of your child?


7. About the health of your child.


8. About the future of your child.


9. To save your child from evil things.


10. When your child will get married?


11. Whether your child will go abroad or not?


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Astrological aspects for childbirth Astrology


Some people are deprived from the children there are two main reasons behind that first medically issue and another one is Astrological. If couple is medically fit for conception but still they are not having child then it is clear that they are facing some astrological issue. Fifth house in the horoscope of the person depicts about the child birth. If in the couple one has the Yog of child birth but the other person does not have then it interrupts in pregnancy. If one person among the couple has the weak Yog then the birth of the child is there but the baby will have medical complications and child will be weak.


Reason for miscarriages


Mars represent blood and when it is present in the fifth house of the lady or if the 6th, 8th and 12th houses are strong then she will have to face miscarriages.


Mercury planet means Budh that means Budhi in hindi and child can face difficulty in learning the things. He will start speaking late and his mind will work slow and chances are more that he can fall in bad company.


Jupiter is Guru means master that represents self decision making and it also give spiritual knowledge.


Moon can affect on the attitude of the child and the child can be stubborn and will not listen to his parents. He can adapt bad habits and also can fall in bad company.


About the education of the child


2nd house in the horoscope helps in learning about the elementary education of the child.


5th house tells about the Graduation of the child.


9th house depicts about the higher education.


4th house reveals about the secret education and self-education.


The most powerful Astrological remedy to have child


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Material required for the remedy


1. One betel nut.


2. One idle of lord Krishna.


3. One earthen lamp.


4. Fruits and flowers.


5. White butter.


6. Two incense sticks.


How to do complete method


1. First of all place the idle of lord Krsihna at your front.


2. Now light incense and earthen lamp.


3. Make offerings of fruit and flowers.


4. Now place Betel nut in the front of Lord Krishna.


5. Then recite the given Mantra for 121 times.


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||Garbhrakshak Mantra:||


“ओम नमो नारानाय सर्व लोकान मम वशय कुरु कुरु स्वः” ||


6. After that offer some white butter to the idle of lord Krishna.


7. Both husband and wife Eat white butter as Prashad.


8. Now take the Betel nut.


9. Place it under the bed where couple sleep.


Important information to be flowed


1. Practice this remedy for seven Fridays constantly.


2. You have to keep the Betel nut under your bed till you get pregnant.


3. Do not change the Betel nut you have to practice this remedy for seven Fridays on the same Betel nut.


4. NTime must be same on every Friday.


If you have any questions then type a comment in the comment box.



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