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What is Astrology ??


Astrology is a study of impacts that planets and stars have on the lives of the people and incidents that happen on this earth. The science has already proven that planets and stars and their moments put direct impacts on each and every life in this universe. As this universe is created with the five elements i.e. fire, air, water, sound, and space similarly these five elements are used for the creation of the human body. All the planets represent some elements and have an influence on the life of the person. Horoscope of the person plays an important role in astrology.
Horoscope is chart created by considering the exact time, date and place of birth. The positions of the planets and stars present at the time of the birth of the person help the astrologer in learning about his life. The moments of the planets and stars are calculated to learn about the incidents going to happen in the life of the person. Horoscope of the person can reveal about the past, present and future life of the person very clearly and this knowledge is known as Astrology. There are different fields in the astrology that are used for the different purposes. Here we are going to discuss some of the important Astrology services and fields of Astrology.


Horoscope creating, reading and matching


When a person wishes to learn about his destiny and future then horoscope is the perfect tool. Horoscope can clearly tell that what kind of incident is going to happen in the life of the person. The given questions and queries can be easily answered by reading horoscope:


(1) When will I get married ??


(2) When will I get a job ??


(3) In which field I will make my career ??


(4) What kind of partner will I get ??


(5) Will I go abroad or not ??


(6) How many children will I have after marriage ??


(7) When will I be able to buy my own house ??


(8) What will be an auspicious time for my marriage ??


(9) What will be an auspicious time for starting a new business for me ??


In our society horoscope of the boy and the girl are matched before almost every marriage. This is done to learn about the future and success of the marriage. This is the best Astrology service to check the compatibility among the boy and the girl. This method saves people from break ups and divorces. By using Horoscope matching person can make his married life full of happiness and charms.


Palmistry and Hands reading Astrology service


Palmistry is one of the lodes Astrology services that is used from the ages to learn about the person and his life. Palmistry is hand reading that is based on the lines that are present on the hands of the person. In this astrology service, not only lines on the hands are considered but the shape and size of hands and fingers are also considered. By hand reading, it can be easily known that what kind of person he is and what are his likes and dislikes. We can learn about the overall attitude of the person. This Astrology service also reveals about the major incidents going to happen in the life of the person.


Problem solution by Astrology


Every person has to face different types of problems in his life but some problems give intensive pains that are unbearable. All types of problems of life can be easily sorted out by using the Astrological remedies. There are various remedies present in the astrology that are used to solve the problems.
Pandit R.K. Shastri Ji is the best astrologer for performing all the remedies and he is solving the problems of the people selflessly from the several years. You can contact him to get any kind of Astrology services. He is providing all his services all over the world. Here are some of the problems that are resolved by Astrology:


(1) Love problem solution.


(2) Get your lost love back.


(3) No marriage or delay in marriage.


(4) No childbirth.


(5) Unemployment.


(6) A loss in business.


(7) Family disputes.


(8) Differences in married life.


(9) Child out of control.


(10) No success in life.


(11) Bad luck.




Gems are the rare stones and they are formed by different minerals. These gems can attain positive energies and can remove negative energy so these gems are worn by the people. But it is necessary to wear any particular Gem with the consultation of some Astrologer.
This astrology service includes the study of your planets and stars and after considering them as astrologer recommends you to wear particular gem. Gems are recommended when any planet or star is negatively influencing you. It depends on that which planet is negatively affecting you and its position in your horoscope. By wearing gem according to your horoscope can solve many problems of your life. Following are some of the main Gems used by the people:


(1) Ruby.


(2) Pearl.


(3) Red Coral.


(4) Diamond.


(5) Blue sapphire.


(6) Emerald.


(7) Hessonite.


(8) Amethyst.


(9) Yellow Topaz.


Vastu astrology services


In the ancient times, all the big buildings were made by considering the Vastu science. This science was created by very intelligent and experienced Sagas. In this science, they have explained that in the atmosphere around us many energies and powers are present. These energies and powers have their direct influence on each and every living and non-living things but that influence is different on every thing. The energies and powers affect the things positively and negatively. In Vastu Shastra, it is defined that how to construct buildings by considering directions and place.
When any building is created by using the principles of Vastu Shastra than the occupants of that building will be safe from the negative influence of energies and powers and they will also get benefits of positive impacts of these energies and powers. Pandit R.K. Shastri Ji is one of the most expert Vastu specialists who is working in this field from last several years. When we create building for commercial purpose by using the Vastu tips then not only the success of the business is guaranteed but you can also avoid losses. When a house is constructed according to the Vastu then your family will be able to attain good luck and happiness from all the sides.


Vastu Astrology services


(1) astu for commercial buildings.


(2) Vastu for Shop.


(3) Vastu for the showroom.


(4) Vastu for Mall.


(5) Vastu for Flat.


(6) Vastu for House.


(7) Vastu for Bungalow.


(8) Vastu for Mansion.


Numerology Astrology services


The science of numerology is based on numerics from 0 to nine. In this science, name number is calculated by a particular technique to get single numeric out from your complete name. All the positions of the alphabet in alphabetical order are taken then they are added and then the single number is created. After getting this single number Numerologist can tell about over all attitude like your interests, hobbies, strengths etc.
Numerologist considers your complete birth details and then calculate a single number. By this single number, he can tell about your life and future. All the major incidents going to happen in your life can be learned by Numerology even the major incidents happened in your past life can also be learned. This science is also used to get auspicious dates to do important tasks. Pandit R.K. Shastri ji has complete knowledge in this field and satisfied millions of clients around the world. You can contact him to get any kind of Astrology services because he provides all the services all over the world.


Numerology astrology services


(1) Numerology by name.


(2) Numerology by Date of birth.


(3) Numerology for auspicious dates.


(4) Numerology for the lucky number.


(5) Numerology for success.


Love problem solution


Love relationship and marriage both are the most important relations in the life of the person. These both relationships are based on love and trust. But once trust and love vanish from these relations then these relations have no meanings. When some kind of problem arises in these relations than the situations becomes very painful and beyond the limits. Sometimes minor misunderstanding creates havoc in the relationship.
To handle the problems related to love relationship and married life there are very useful methods available in the astrology that is practiced for different reasons. Pandit R.K. Shastri Ji is famous as love Guru because he has saved several people from break up and divorce. He also helps people in getting their desired love by using Astrological methods. You can get the following kind of problems solved by him:


(1) Get your lost love back.


(2) Attain attractions and affections of the person whom you love.


(3) Remove differences from married life.


(4) Divorce issues.


(5) Get your husband or wife back to you.


Tarot card reading Astrology service


Tarot card reading is one among the astrology services that is used to learn future and to answer your deep heartily questions. A person is asked to choose the card and then his or her name and date of birth is considered then astrologer tells about the future and destiny.
If you want to get answer of any particular type of questions for example if you are going to start a new business and want to know whether that business will be profitable for you or not then Tarot card reader will ask you to concentrate on the question and after that he will ask you to choose four cards. Tarot card reader will read those cards and will answer your question. Pandit R.K. Shastri Ji also provides Tarot card reading astrology service.


Main Tarot readings


(1) Tarot card reading for success.


(2) Tarot card reading for love.


(3) Tarot card reading for marriage.


(4) Tarot card reading for childbirth.


(5) Tarot card reading for spiritual guidance.


Witchcraft astrology service


Witchcraft is part of magic practice that is used to solve problems of the people with the help of energies and supernatural powers. By practicing special methods and by casting spells the practitioner used to make contact with energies and supernatural powers after that he directs them for any particular task.
Witchcraft practices are very powerful and they give results very soon. All types of problems related to any field of life can be solved by using this Astrology service. In India, there are very few people who can practice this art. Pandit R.K. Shastri Ji is one of the best astrologers by whom you can get any kind of service related to witchcraft.



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