Aquarius 2017 horoscope

Aquarius Aquarius (january 20 – February 18)


January to March


People of Aquarius sign will put more efforts in earning money this year. In this part of the year you will make efforts to increase household things and the peace at happiness will remain in your family. Students will be busy in their studies and they will get success. People in business or job will have to work extra.


April to June


The people who are very much in tensed about some government related work or the people facing any court case they will get their work done in this part of the year and also will win the court case. This part will also give you opportunities to get success and growth.


July to September


In this part of the year you can suffer some health issue. There will be peace at home and you can get some good news from your close friend. Minor issue can occur among husband and wife.

October to December


The people who are making their efforts to go abroad will get success in this part of the year and for students this will be the best part of the year. The people doing their own business will get handsome gains.


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Love life

The people who like someone but cannot express their feelings to that person for them this part of the year will be right time for them to express their feelings. If you will express your feelings in this part of the year you will not have to listen no.





In the first part of the year everything will be fine but in the second part you can face problem related to your throat or skin. In the end of the year your will struggle for mental peace.





Students who are preparing for any exam they will be able to clear the exam with good results. People struggling for job will get job in this year.

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